Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happiest New Year To You!

It's here.

The time of new beginnings.

Some of you may know that I managed to spend my last week of 2010 with a stomach flu that laid me out.

Laid. Me. Out.

Nobody likes a complainer, least of all me, so I'll just tell you that I am thankful for good health...and the ability to keep down a cup of coffee.

I started out the New Year with a trip to the market to fill the pantry with food (the cupboard was reduced to a scrappy box of stale saltines and a couple cans of fruit cocktail. I have no idea what my family ate last week while I was sequestered up stairs, but they're all here, and no worse for the wear, so I guess they didn't starve) and then I "managed" to carry my weary self out to the craft store. It was a hardship, I can tell you.

All jokes aside, if you want a miraculous cure from what ails you, head to the craft store for the after-Christmas sales...I'm just sayin'.

Oh! I completely forgot to tell you that I got a cordless hot glue gun from my mom and dad, and if you want to see someone insanely happy...well, here you go:

Insanely. Happy.

But that's not what I came here to tell you today...Where was I? Oh, yeah, craft store...I had to get proper glue sticks for the glue gun (who has yet to be named...cuz y'all know she'll have a name.)

I wanted to try my hand at a little pendant making. So I bought some supplies:

I'll let you know how it goes!

2010 has been a wonderful year. Full of so many good things, and the things that weren't so good brought growth and change that were worth the challenges.

New beginnings...sometimes I didn't even know what they were until I had the privilege to look back.

Sometimes it's better that way.

So there you have it, a very rambly post on this first day of 2011.

New Year blessing to you!

PS: I don't have to borrow my favorite baking book from the library anymore...time to make cookie dough stains in a copy of my own! (thanks mom!)


Jenster said...

Glad the family is still with you! :)

Hope your 2011 is stupendous!

Gretchen said...

Happy New Year, Friend!!! Lurve ya oodles, & wish I were crafting w/you. Glad you're in the pink again. Cute pics of you.