Tuesday, December 28, 2010


While in Arizona I learned I'm a life-long sufferer of FOMO.

Its a chronic condition that apparently runs in my family.

My cousin Katie is the one who informed me of this malady. Seems she has it too.

You can imagine how relieved I was to realize that my Fear Of Missing Out actually has a name.

If you have ever hung out with me you'll know that I am last one to leave a party. I'm the last one to sleep at a slumber party. Y'all know I will undoubtedly wait to the very last minute to go to the bathroom when in conversation, often hollering "Don't have any fun without me!" while I do the pee-pee dance to the restroom.

It's all because of FOMO...I cannot stand to miss out.

One thing I won't be missing in the next six weeks is Ambers Backpacking Through Joshua bible study.

If you haven't been a part of her online bible studies you should be suffering from FOMO...because you're seriously missing out.

Last year I had the privilege to study with Amber and through the book of Daniel. Unfortunately, due to overcommitting (a side effect of FOMO) I was unable to finish. But this semester I know my limits! This will likely be the only weekly study I'll participate in until summer.

So, wanna join? Come on you know you do....

Click here to sign up!


Jenster said...

I totally used to suffer from FOMO, but then I got old and couldn't keep up anymore. :)

I did the same thing with the Daniel study! Totally overcommitted and was unable to see it through, but I'm making Joshua a priority!

Looking forward to backpacking with you and the girls!

His Girl said...

FOMO! hahahahaha! Can't wait to see what God does with all of this! Soooo glad you're on board!

Lisa said...

You're cute with your FOMO.

Merry Christmas and Happy BLESSED 2011!!!

Jen said...

Already joined, and I think I suffer from the same thing! I know I have suffered from missing out on reading some of my favorite people's blogs...like yours! (This working outside of the home is not all it's cracked up to be!! It totally interferes with my life!)
Looking forward to getting out hiking boots muddy together!! xoxox