Saturday, January 08, 2011

Dark Morning at the Car Doctor

Last Tuesday I was denied when I tried to get my car serviced.

This morning The Mister woke me up at an ungodly hour and we are now sitting in the lobby sipping car-dealership coffee and waiting while both our cars get check-ups. Usually they have some delicious bread from the Great Grain Company sitting out...apparently even the bakers aren't up yet.

I've been dating this man for 18 years, and this is what its come too: early morning dates over free bread and java.

I'll take it!

Really my job this morning is to help my husband from the ledge...apparently the minivan has motor mount issues and is currently being held together by a wish and a prayer. The good news is it isn't anything a bagillion dollars can't fix.

I'm exaggerating of course, its only gonna be half-a-bagillion dollars... I think we'll have another cup of complimentary coffee to make up the difference.

In other news, I have a cold. I haven't been sick in five years, and now I've had stomach flu and a head cold within ten days. Hopefully, I'm getting it all done with for the next half a decade!

With all my sniffling and sneezing, life is good and I've really enjoyed reading comments from yesterday. Don't forget to sign up to win a necklace!

I guess we're going to have to leave the van here awhile. Maybe I can sweet talk my man into some Guglhpf for breakfast....on second thought, maybe I'll spring for the croissants since he just bought me a shiny new motor mount...its just what I've always wanted! ;)

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Love little dates like those!! ooo a new motor mount just what you wanted!!

Lisa said...

I call taking the car to the mechanic the "car doctor" too! I've never heard anyone else say that! haha!

Glad you're feeling better! I hope your track record for the stomach flu gets better — not sick for another two decades! ;-)

Anonymous said...

So I know the 25th anniversary is silver, which is the motor mount? :)

My man and I had an early morning date to drive the girl to play practice in the snow and then a quick stop at Target. It was so romantic. Even if he did just stay in the car while I ran in to get the few things I needed!

Gretchen said...

My date this a.m. was a quick kiss, a hug, and an early morning checklist and prayer before sending him off to Shanghai. I don't like those dates, but I wouldn't trade the man. We're car-poor, too. That should entitle all of us to free coffee forevah, IMO.

Tracey said...


When I had my nasty, nasty after-Christmas cold, I found that benadryl and motrin were the only thing that could make it better. I gargled apple-cider vinegar for the sore throat. (yes, I know how disgusting that was bad..but made the throat so much better!)

I also took an echinacea, zinc lozenges, and 1000 mg of vitamin C. The Zinc from GNC taste like sweet tarts. (you have to let them dissolve on your tongue)

Hope you feel better soon!


Amber said...

oooh....i would love to have Guglhpf for breakfast. Am I missing out on something tasty??


Gretchen said...

Ugh. I hate to spend money on things such as mountless motors! I'm glad you got a date out of it. Hope you are feeling better from all of your yuckies, too!