Monday, January 17, 2011

Three Things

This weekend was a whirlwind that I was grateful to be a part of....

For the record, there is nothing that makes this girl more grateful for her health than having been sick for the majority of the New Year. It felt great to be out this weekend at several parties and then to church on Sunday.

Today I have three things to tell you:

First, if you are expecting glass pendant necklaces to show up at your door (or in my etsy shop) it's gonna be awhile.

I have had the WORST time with ink-bleeding after the pendants have been put together. They look awesome for 48 hours (see above) and then ever-so-slowly the colors begin to bleed. I had tried a half-dozen ways to figure this out to no avail. Some inks seem to be worse than others. But I won't be deterred, I've gone to the craft store and bought the biggest jar of sealant I could find: Modge Podge. (Fingers crossed) 

Next item on the agenda: Birthday Ideas

Its at this time of year I begin to think about The Girl's birthday. This year I am so behind on the theme but I am highly considering an New York City Theme. 


Well, The Girl doesn't know it, but I'm taking her to NYC in March!!! I'm so excited! (and I just can't hide it...what song is that?) I have wanted to go to NYC for a very long time, but The Mister isn't too keen. So when I found out a friend of mine is headed there in March and didn't want to go alone I jumped on the chance to tag along. She has two daughters about the same age as The Girl, so we're making it a girls weekend. 

Have I mentioned I'm excited?

Last, but not least, I have had several inquiries about this picture posted last week:

As you know I was inspired to make a Tea Cozy, but the original pattern was knit.  I had hoped to stick to that original pattern but the knitting took so ding-dang long I just. Couldn't. Cope.

So, I decided to try to translate that same pattern into crochet.

My plan is to share that pattern (if you could call it that) with you in a tutorial I hope to post by if you are crochet inclined and in need of a fun and quick project, check back towards the middle of the week.

Here are some more pics so you can see all sides of the cozy:

Happy Monday!


Hillcrest Cottage said...

What is the link to your Etsy shop?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to Etsy the cozies?! LOVE THEM!!!!

Are you going to adopt me and plan my themed birthday party and trip to NY? WOULD LOVE IT!!


Tracey said...

LOVE the cozy!! I mean, I REALLY LOVE it!

Hey, you know that book on my blog..'crochet bouquet' really must get it. It's a fun book.

NYC..ahhhhh! I went with my mom after graduating from high school. Total blast. Maybe the Spiderman play will actually be open by then.

Tanya said...

I SO SUPER LOVE the cozy!!! Yeah, I want one. :) How much??

Oh, and NEW YORK CITY?!!!! That's so stinkin' close to me!!! Where are you staying? How long will you be in town? You are going to have the B-E-S-T time! You're seeing a show - right? I'm so excited for you!!

Anonymous said...

Love the necklaces and the tea cozy A LOT, but have to say WOW! to the NYC birthday weekend! You girls are going to have such a great time!

Thank goodness for daughters, right? My man isn't hip to the big city scene, either, so it's me and the girl who hit the Big Apple when the mood strikes. :)

Deidre said...

I LOVE that you're taking her to NYC. I cannot wait until my girls are old enough to go. I know my oldest will love it.