Friday, August 13, 2010

What I Learned on Summer Vacation

There is always a point in the summer when I suddenly realize that I am ready.

Ready for routine, and order; A schedule and plan.

That moment happened yesterday when I came home from our last "hurrah!" with friends at the pool.

I'm ready for days at home, where we will be more than busy. But its a quiet busy; a peaceful busy.

This weekend is the last of our summer vacation and I feel ready for the coming year.

My house is clean, the school room is in order, the schedules have been set, the alarm clocks tested.

I've done all I know how to do for the coming year, I don't know how to be more ready.

Of course, life can will throw curve balls from time to time...there's nothing like best-laid-plans to mess a girl up.

My goal for the school year is to remember what I've learned this summer

I started it several months ago with this post, declaring my freedom from summer to-do lists and and filled up schedules.

Although the kids did several day-camps and both competed on a swim team I knew I wanted a few things accomplished this summer.

I decided I wanted company, cooking, and crafting...and that is exactly what transpired.

But you know what? I also got that closet cleaned that I had put off for many years.  I also finished several books and accomplished things that needed to be done, not because they just happened, but because I had time for them.

In not choosing "100 Things To Do This Summer"  I got to choose "5 or 6 Things That Really Matter" (to me and my family.)

And I actually finished them.

So now, although summer is nearly over with its sunshine and fun, I am ready. To take on the changes; in season, schedule, and school.

I'm also ready to use what I learned this summer, and carry it into fall.

Things like this:

And this:

(See how I sneaked these things in?)

And that is what I learned on my summer vacation.

Happy Friday peeps!


Anonymous said...

yay for being ready for the school year! Love that orange hat!! Great job on your what you learned over summer vacation paper ;-)

Jenster said...

When I didn't work I loved summer. I was just as excited about the end of school as the kids were! But by this time I was ready for routine, too.

I love those hats! You're so talented!

O Mom said...

Love those hats......
I was more busy than I have ever been this summer and I sure missed those days of just hanging out and enjoying the lazy days of summer, maybe next year. Glad to hear you enjoyed yours.....

Gretchen said...

I'm just in awe of you, my friend. There is nothing you can't bake or sew. Love the hats. Love the attitude. Love you.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I'm sad for summer to end but I'm ready for some routine too. Those hats are DAHLING!!!

Amber said...

First of all, because I'm so distracted by the cuteness of those hats, let me just tell you how precious those are! You are one talented gal!!

Second of all, I had a remarkably simple summer, too. It's definitely winding down way too fast, but I'm ready for routine. And for working on making this a remarkably simple schoolyear. (The good kind of simple!!)

Carpool Queen said...

I love that you accomplish your goals. I think one of them should be to meet up with me in the next couple of weeks.

Rebecca said...

I love your hats!!!! I have a trip coming up that I would love to wear one to...Any chance you have one for purchase??? :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca,

I would love to sell you a hat. It just depends on how soon your trip is! I can normally get a hat done in a couple of days, but I would need at least a week because school is in session and my crochet time is a bit more limited.

I just ordered a plethora of yarn...what colors are you interested in?

I can send you an invoice through Paypal The hats with the flowers are $18 (plus shipping).

Let me know of your still interested.



PS- I tried to email you directly, but your comment has a non-reply email addry attached to it!