Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Lot of Nothin'

Mark this day on your calendar.

I have nothing to say...

I think today may be an excellent day for Random Thoughts from Kellie's Brain.

1. I didn't clean my pantry yesterday. I did this instead....

(details to come)

2. Whenever I walk out of Costco my kids roll their eyes at me.


Glad you asked! When you push your cart full of super-sized bulk items to that nice lady who scribbles on your receipt, you'll pass some kiosk-like displays for tires, trips and flooring. You will see this picture:

When I lived in Texas I went to church and did ministry with the gal in this picture. She is in every Costco I have ever been in - Michigan, Arizona, Texas and North Carolina, just to name a few.  Every time we pass the picture I'll look at my kids and say, "Say hello to Sami!"* and the eyes start rolling.

So if you see her (picture), say hello... May those around you roll their eyes.

*Names have changed to protect those who don't know I am writing about them.

3. I'm trying a new recipe this week for Turkey burgers. It calls for pureed roasted eggplant. I'm not going to tell my peeps.

Of course, The Mister may read this before the burgers are served. In that case, I love you honey. And I'll serve a nice cold beer with the burger and you'll never know the difference...I hope.

4. Kona the Wonder-mutt is getting on my last nerve these days.  Not only did she steal an entire stick of butter off the counter (that was softening for a zuchinni bread recipe)yesterday, but she also took a peanut butter sandwich off of the table while we weren't looking and happily gobbled it up.  I assumed that she would have bathroom issues after all that grease and fat. But she's been fine. I had no idea when I rescued her eight years ago from the perils of the pound that I was adopting a goat.

5. I'm shivering. Its 125 bagillion degrees outside (with 200% humidity) and I am sitting here shivering?

All right, I'm done being random.

Now its your turn, tell me something random about you, and if you're a lurker, I'd love to hear from you!

How's that for random?


His Girl said...

random: I have a basket currently next to my bed full of stuff I need to put away. right now I have a bag of chex mix, a whidbey newspaper, a purse Bible, a recipe ripped out of a newspaper, and a pair of yoga pants in it.

how's that for random?

(ps: wonder if rescued mutts are more apt to be food thieves? my beagle is a goat, too)

Gretchen said...

Hoping I'm not re-commenting, but...

1. I see that our dogs are platernal, too. sigh.

2. Is that a Christmas ornament in the making????

3. Random: Rascally adolescents do present with an awesome up-side: They sleep in. How I lurve my quiet coffee, devo, bloggy mornings. Braless, of course.

wendy said...

Lurker reporting from Vancouver, WA who has to go to Costco soon and will check by the door for your friend's picture. In case you're wondering how I got here in the first place, my cousin used to teach with Kellie (aka - Just Me) who now faithfully reads my blog & who's also friends with Gretchen (aka - New Every Morning) and, you know how it is, one click leads to another.

Sami said...

Hmm...I am in a struggle today to decide if I am going to the grocery, the beach or just continue to sit on my couch. It's a difficult decision. So I'm still sitting on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Could your pup be any cuter? We had a cocker spaniel that use to eat everything! Including a large portion of a tub of margarine! Hmm random.. I am completely unmotivated today and I am still in my pjs at 4:10 pm :-P

Jenster said...

Ah, random. You're speaking my language.

I just had a bowl of fruity pebbles. It's been years since I had fruity pebbles and they made me happy.

I love your pup! Such a cutie!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

#2 cracked me up. My kids would roll their eyes too.

#3 grosses me out. I eat almost anything but cannot tolerate eggplant. blech.

My random tidbit: my kids are baking brownies and i want one. that's not normal for me. ever.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

AND...totally surprised that Amber can keep a bag of chex mix in a basket by her bed. How does Sydney Bristow not eat it. My dog certainly would, and it sounds like Kona would be all over that too. :-)

Carpool Queen said...

Jenster ate Fruity Pebbles? That's weird, because I was going to make Fruity Pebble Bars this afternoon.


Gretchen said...

I shiver all summer long, too. I used to complain, but now I realize that it is just another way to be reminded that I have a healthy marriage (since it is the man that keep the thermostat so chilly).
I just keep my long pant pj's out all year and a sweatshirt nearby.