Wednesday, August 04, 2010


What I really want to post on this drizzly Wednesday morning are the Works in Progress (WIP) I've got going on in my office:

Things like this sweet Cozy Cottage. 

I could sit and daydream about the sweet old couple that lives there. I can envision The Mr. of the cottage getting the wood burning fire places stoked so the The Mrs. could sit by the hearth, sipping hot coffee and feeling, well, cozy in her little house in the woods.

But the Cozy Cottage hasn't been so much a WIP as a PIP, or Procrastination in Progress.

I also started another little ornament, because when I start PIP's I commit with my whole-heart.

These are all WIP's..

And these are the PIP's:
Door Number One-

Door Number Two - 

I started this summer with very few goals.

I wanted to craft and sew.

I wanted to cook and bake.

I wanted to have fun at the pool.

And I wanted to clean out the pantry (although I was pretty sure this goal was lofty.)

But now it must be done (with fervor I cannot find), and it must be done today.

To make a very long story short, I kept a lot of non-perishable food (Cereal, dry pasta, spaghetti, granola, and canned goods) in the garage on a shelf. 

The mice left lovely thank you gifts for the buffet they have enjoyed.

So I must organize, clean and rearrange so all food (including canned foods) are in the house, and all cleaning products and general junk (in the laundry room) get put on the garage shelves, making more "pantry" inside.

Which is going to be a lot of work and unfortunately, the end product won't have pretty hand-embroidered flowers, lovely bead work, or happy thoughts of living in the woods.

But, we won't have rodents... 

...and I already live in a little house in the woods.

So, all is well that ends well.

What are your WIP's or PIP's today?


His Girl said...

awwww, I hate when circumstances force me to take care of 'have tos' and abandon my 'want tos'

Today I am going to do no WIPS or PIPS, but I am hoping on Friday to start making a buncha seashell Christmas ornaments for my family. They won't be quite as darling as your cottage, but they will be fun :)

Carpool Queen said...

Cleaning the bathrooms is a chronic PIP.

As is mopping the kitchen floor.

And generally anything having to do with household chemicals.

WIP? A sock monkey, a washcloth, a baby kimono, and enough yarn for fourteen other things on my list.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You and CPQ have both alluded to mice in your posts today. Did you plan that? I certainly hope not because it makes your friend in CO want to HURL.

I'm waiting for school to start so I can clean out/organize my basement! I think that's just another way of saying I'm procrastinating. :)

Have a lovely, productive day!

Gretchen said...

I think i shall observe the 5th amendment when it comes to projects such as cleaning my garage--you know, so CARS can get in and out of it (ahem), cleaning out the girl's closet, and organizing the craft room. It seems if there's enough room for, well, a mouse, I can get in there, move enough piles around, and craft anyway.

Is is hot in here? ;)

WIPs: (in my mind) advent calendar, presents, leg warmers for a friend

Actual: 1/2 wash cloth, 1/2 scarf w/matching yarn for hat, machine quilting a dbl bed sized quilt, raising children, cooking meals, etc.

Lurve your cozy ornaments!

Tracey said...

What cute ornaments!

WIP: 1. Lesson plans..and I'm growing very tired of them.
2. Painting the girls' room. Paint is bought and sitting in my bedroom waiting to be used.
3. Freezer cooking. I've picked out my recipes, put the recipes / schedule in my notebook, bought the pantry items, lost my notebook....sigh.

PIP : 1. Lesson plans. Nothing like starting school this week and find yourself saying "oops, I forgot about that!" about a 100 times...ditto the sigh.

Been there with the garage mice..mine enjoyed dog biscuits. :/

Sandy said...

WIP: cleaning out my attics (have 2 of them, both big, both crammed). DH took a load to the dump & a load to Goodwill today, I took 2 boxes to another charity last week, starting in on one of them again in the AM. Have to go in first thing to avoid 195 degree temps later... I made it until 9:30 today before it got so hot I had to get out. Also been feeding my paper shredder w/4-5 yrs. worth of "records".
PIP: cleaning up my bonus room before the company for the wedding comes! Crafts aren't even on the horizon at this point...

O Mom said...

My PIP lately has totally been blogging! I have only had a limited time on the computer lately in the mornings and for some reason I would so much rather catch up on your lives than document my own! :)
You are so crafty!
And I loved your video the other morning. You are so soothing and sweet and I can tell you must put your friends at ease! :)

Elizabeth said...

I wish I had a pantry to clean out and organize. I love working on my mom's giant walk-in pantry when I'm at her house!

I have no WIPs right now. But more PIPs than I can count.

Jenster said...

I'm full of PIPs and very few WIPs. My biggest PIP at the moment is a lovely armoir in the garage that needs to be sanded, stained and the hinges replaced. I have all the stuff to do it. And, like Gretchen, I'd love to park the car in there.

Jenster said...

OH! I forgot to say that I totally was into the whole cottage story. :)