Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Links: Fun!!

It's 4:00p on a Friday.

I'm am wiped out.

Y'all, its been a good week, but its been full.

So without further adieu I give you this weeks links:

What Kind of Housekeeper Are You? This post is so funny...I've been thinking about it all afternoon...while folding laundry.

Like music? How about a 38 Song Medley, sung by two sisters (one who happens to be an understudy in the Broadway Touring Production of Wicked.)

Need a laugh? Check out Catalog Living - A blog written by the people who live in your catalog.

Or Bad Year Book Photos - Pics willingly sent in by folks who have some stellar photos of themselves.

Need someone to pray for? Pray for Charity.

We are all anxiously waiting for her baby girl to arrive. I even got to spend some time with that little bundle who finally kicked me with gusto. Which made me love her even more. Seriously, other than my own children, I don't think I have anticipated a baby more than this little one.

If things go as planned, I hope to have a post of me holding that baby next Friday or Saturday...unless that sweet little things thrills us all and comes early. So let's pray!

Happy Friday!

Read With Me gals - I hope you had a great week! I'm nearly caught up...hooray!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reads!! I am a little under the weather.. so some blog hopping will be a lot of fun :-)

Sami said...

Fun links! The 38 songs made me go and listen to her performing in Wicked...and then six other Elphaba's singing Defying Gravity. Thanks for encouraging my Wicked habit...whether you realized it or not! :)

O Mom said...

I started following Charity's blog when you mentioned her prayer needs so long ago....She has truly inspired me to keep my eyes on Jesus and Love Him, no matter our situation. Can't wait to see you holding that baby! :)