Monday, August 23, 2010

A New View

I'm typing at you from a new corner of the Little Yellow House on the Hill.

One of my goals this year was to get the kids transitioned from doing school in my formal dining room to desks in their room.

I really wanted to move the computer out of that room too.

So this weekend I did it.

And the dining room looks like this.

That table has two more leaves, which makes me happy. There is nothing I like more than a crowded table of happy faces.

Speaking of the table...this one was given to us by our amazing neighbor and friend, Helen. It is handmade out of exceedingly hard and heavy wood (I think she said it was Walnut). The craftsmanship is amazing. I need to find some dining room chairs, but I can hodge-podge seating if (and when) I have friend over to break some bread.

As I was reorganizing I realized how much I take for granted in our home.

Although I call our house "the little yellow house on the hill", it is actually good sized (especially for a small family of four). There is more than enough space for our family. And yet, I found myself thinking that I didn't have a "place for this" or  "I need new shelving for that", when the truth is we have PLENTY of space here... I could get rid of some stuff and move other stuff around...making room for the things that needed to be put away.

So that is what I did.

I emptied out both of the linen closets up stairs and got rid of three bags worth of things we didn't use: receiving blankets and cloth diapers, just to name a few. I also gave away those sweet board games my children aren't using anymore. So long CandyLand.

I was able to empty three shelves in the linen closet, making room for school supplies and curriculum.

It felt good to have less and use more.

And it makes me feel every so grateful for this house...A home we have had the privilege to call "home" not once, but twice.

So very thankful.

What are you thankful for today?


Carpool Queen said...

I'm thankful for

1) a hopefully lighter schedule this week (thinking positively!)

2) laundry that is caught up

3) taking time to kill myself cleaning the house on Friday so I could walk back in on Sunday without a long to-do list

4) and cooler temperatures.

Deena said...

I love this! I really love the comment about having less and using more. Adjusting our thinking makes such a difference in our level of contentment.

Yeah for reorganizing! That's on my list of things to do during the next 2 weeks.

Hope you guys have a very happy school year!

Amy said...

Love the organization and decluttering! I have always had to fight an "I might need it one day" voice in the back of my head. Your post is an encouragement!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful table! I did this exact same thing this weekend. I purged either to the trashcan or the yardsale pile. We are going to have one this weekend. Whatever doesn't sell gets donated. I feel lighter and less scattered.. I still have a ton to do but I'm getting there! ohh there will come a day when I wont have candyland in the house.. that makes me sad!! I love that game- even if I lose every time! I had the change of mindset of this is our home.. we don't need anything bigger and I need to find a place or make a place for everything.. and while doing that I came to really love and enjoy my home all the more!

Sandy M. said...

Thankful for:1) a wonderful wedding weekend where God was glorified
2) plenty of space in our house to accommodate various guests throughout the weekend
3) a hubby who kept up w/the laundry of sheets & towels as guests rotated in & out
4) that I too purged a couple of weeks ago & had all the party food in my kitchen coat closet by itself (w/a sign on it that said, "For Aug.20")
5) that you are such an encourager in many aspects, especially this one!

Candace said...

Love the call to simplicity. Love it.

I'm thankful, very thankful, for a husband and three children who are healthy and happy. For being able to be at home with my children in this season of life. For more than enough to eat, for a closet full of clothes, and an amazingly comfortable bed (which seems to be calling my name).

SO much to be thankful for.

The kindness, mercy, and the love of God astound me sometimes.

Even if I didn't have all the aforementioned blessings, I would still be have this God that sustains me and loves me and that's all I'll ever need.


Anyway- thanks for reminding me to stop and remember all the Lord has done for me today.


Such The Spot said...

I spent many years living in small spaces. And, honestly, I think organization is the key to living small. A place for everything and everything in its place! ;)

Such The Spot said...

Forgot to say that your new dining room looks lovely!