Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Poll: Picnics

I love to laugh.

I especially love it when I get to laugh uncontrollably.

Yesterday, The Mister and I had a very deep and serious conversation about picnics.

It all started at the lunch table as we discussed a church picnic that is coming up next month. The date for the outdoor venture was announced, but the time was not. 

If the picnic is during the day, we can go. If it's during the evening, we can't (we have a fancy-dress military dinner/event that I don't want to miss.)

During this great debate I defended my theory: whenever you eat in a park, its a picnic.

He thinks picnics are only done in the daytime (and require certain picnic paraphernalia.)

We agreed to disagree.

Later, while reading together in our room (or I should say he was reading and I was playing Angry Birds) he found my daughters Flip camera and decided to bring the aforementioned topic up. I tried to rebuttal by bringing up past evidence. He objected.

So here you go...

I know this video is probably only funny to me...I love to laugh that uncontrollable, snorting, spitting, laugh that is good for the soul. Plus, I love it when The Mister and I are having so much fun that we fail to use good english.

But the REAL reason I brought you here today is to ask you to help us solve this debate:

When is a picnic a picnic?


His Girl said...

Well, I do not think that the time of day determines whether it is a picnic or not... I think perhaps it's the type of food. Unless BBQed, it's usually cold food.

I just verified this on Wikipedia. It does not seem to make a distinction between what makes a picnic a picnic- but it does mention the food thing a little bit:

by the way- I miss that laugh. Oh, how I love ya, sis!

Laura said...

the word pinic in our house always means we are MAKING food to bring somewhere ELSE to eat it outside. day or night. we take food to the mountains at night and we call it a pinic.

also if we are going to the park to eat with others, usually in the daytime.

O Mom said...

A picnic is a picnic to me. We have picnics on our living room floor all the time. When the power's out, when it's too hot outside, or the kids are just bored....

Anonymous said...

hmm I would venture to say a picnic is lunch time event.. But then again if you took your dinner to a park and ate on a blanket it could be a picnic as well :-)

Tanya said...

I love this. It reminds me of me and Rick, arguing over silly irrelevant things, but being passionate about them and having a ball. Too cool.

By the way, this is the first time I've heard your voice! LOVE your laugh!! Simply contagious.

Okay, now a picnic ... I agree with O Mom -- a picnic is a picnic. If it's outside and casual, it's a picnic. (I wouldn't call a fancy wedding under a tent a picnic, even if it is outside.) However, you can also have a picnic inside. If it's inside, it has to be on the floor. No chairs allowed. And those are my two cents.

Carpool Queen said...

A picnic is any food consumed away from the dinner table that comes out of a bag.

Drive thru' food eaten in the car? Car picnic.

Cooler stuffed with sandwiches that you hauled onto the boat at the lake? Boat picnic.

On a blanket in the park? Classic picnic.

Under the stars? Make-out picnic.

Tracey said...

Love the video! So cute!

Picnic : have to agree with CPQ

My van smells like a perpetual 'car picnic'. ugh.

Thanks for the laugh...

Gretchen said...

I love to watch couples who laugh and enjoy each other. Thanks for making my day. Ya'll are so cute!

I'm looking forward to school on a picnic blanket when the weather cools down! If we eat a snack, then it will officially be a "picnic." :)

Such The Spot said...

I don't really have any thoughts on when a picnic is a picnic. guys are so cute. And it was great to hear your voice.