Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday links: Procrastination Style

As you read this post I should will be up to my eyeballs in the pantry/laundry room makeover extravaganza. I've procrastinated too long and must meet my goal of having it finished "before the weekend."

Anyway, here are a couple of links for you this Friday:

Are you on Twitter? So am I! If you're a blogger, or a reader with a Twitter account, let's follow each other.

Oh, but just as means of honest communication, if you Tweet solely to "pawn your wares", or more specifically your undressed body, I will probably block you. I'm just sayin'.

Moving right along...

I loved this post from a mom who's keeping it real, and focused on what is True. She has also inspired me to make a Peace Prize, not for my kids, but for myself...cuz often I'm the one who needs to work on living out Phil 2:14

I am reading two AMAZING books right now:

Helpful Truth In Past Places: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Counseling

The Mister actually got this book a while ago and asked me to read it. I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it. Its so applicable for me personally, but also as a mother, friend, and wife.

The other book I am reading is The Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World.

This is a book that I am tempted to sit and read all at once, but have to remind myself that slow and steady will win the race. If you have ever struggled with prayer (and I believe we all do at one point or another) I would encourage you to find a copy.

I'm also reading a fiction book but its not one I would actually recommend cuz the story line is pretty predictable and the writings not all that great, so I'll wait to find a REALLY good one to recommend. Or maybe you might want to recommend one to me?

Lets see what else did I read this week.....Oh let's go for something really tasty.

I have tried a handful of times to make Pound Cake and have been disappointed every time. This post from New Every Morning is different from others I've tried, and the picture makes me want to bake, so I am certain I will be trying it out next week...after I replace the butter my dog ate.


Sandy said...

I'll be getting 2 pound cakes from NewEveryAM 2 weeks from today... for the wedding party party at our house!! So thankful!
BTW, I'm not repeating myself: there is no rehearsal at the church, so I can't call it a rehearsal dinner... But I guess I could have, because we're going to do a little rehearsal after dinner, here in the back yard (praying for no rain that day/night!!!)

Gretchen said...

Thanks for the link! Great posts from both of you. Guess what: I may be facilitating a group, doing The Search for Significance at my church. See the ripple effect of the pebble you threw--just when I needed it most???

Well done on the

Carpool Queen said...

Loved Candace's post on the Peace Prize. I could have used that this morning when I was awakened by a shrieking bunch of banshees who didn't agree on the proper positioning of the guitar strap for Rock Band.

wendy said...

Your friend is indeed at the Vancouver, WA Costco. I saw her on my way out today :)

Sandy said...

Did you get lost in your pantry???