Thursday, July 01, 2010


Last weekend we took a little road trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.

One of the exciting parts was taking the ferry across the James River.

My kids had never been on a ferry.

If you haven't been to Williamsburg, its a living history extravaganza.

Volunteers are given a part to play and they very rarely came out of character. Their knowledge of the time period was amazing.

Speaking of history...

The kids and I went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday...and if you happened to have a pre-school/toddler boy-child when the first movies came out a decade ago...bring your tissues.

I'd been reading tweets and blogs that mom's across the nation were crying into their Milk Duds by the end of the film.

I took heed to the warning, but I kind of wondered why?

Well, as the plot goes the toys are owned and loved by Andy, but he is 17 now and headed to college.

The Toys have had their day.

The bloggers were right, I did get misty...

Why? Well, my son, The Boy, who will be thirteen years old in 89 days (not that I'm counting or anything) had that green dinosaur with the missing tooth, who always seemed to be on the floor and under my foot. He carried his hard-plastic Buzz Lightyear, with his retractable wings and noisy beeps and whistles, with him everywhere. For two years Buzz traveled with us to restaurants, church, the zoo. 

To infinity and beyond, really.

Old Buzz was buckled into seat belts, and left on the counter of the bathroom while The Boy took a bath. 

He was a big part of that little boys life. 

As a result, he was a big part of mine. 

That was eight or nine years ago. It feels like yesterday.

The movie reminded me of a special time in The Boy's life, when everything was about imagination and exploration and wonder...a time of chubby fingers and clumsy steps.

I loved that stage.

And I love this stage.

But they are very, very different. Both wonderful, not really comparable.

So why does the movie make this mama cry?

Because its family history...The Boy, Buzz Lightyear, and me... 


Michele said...

Girl. . . I am right there with you. Buzz Lightyear was even in my sister's wedding pictures (Alec was the ringbearer) . . and now. . . in 2 days, he will be 13!!! I really do LOVE this stage too; however, it is much more on the horizon how soon he will be an adult. When he was 3, I thought I had TONS of time. . . now, it is just lurking around the corner. I'm not ready to let go!!!!

On another note, we went to Williamsburg last year and LOVED EVERY MINUTE!!! I learned more about history on our vacation than I did in any schooling I'd had!

Hope you're enjoying your summer. Have you been working on your "Brain" for next homeschooling year any?

O Mom said...

cried my eyes out as well!

Anonymous said...

yay for VA! I can't wait to see the movie.. I loved them when I was younger but prob around The Boy's age now. We have gotten the movies on Netflix and Sammy LOVES them.. I can see the Woody and buzz dolls being a big part of his life :-)

LJ said...

Yes, I cried too. I was not expecting it either. It reminds me that my kids are growing fast and will leave someday too soon.

Gretchen said...

I teared up about Andy growing up. Even though my boy is still in the "little Andy" stage, it makes my momma-heart sad about letting go in a few short years.
I totally get it. ;)

Tracey said...

Told ya'.

Very, very sad time for the mommas of 13 year olds.

I can't wait to visit Williamsburg. Did you spend the night? Any recommendations on where to stay?

Great photos! :D

Kristin said...

Great pics!
We saw the movie the other day in 3D. I was in the first row, first seat on the end, so I was looking up and over the whole time. Sad to say, I was so irked the whole time about my headache and the terrible seats that I wasn't as weepy as I probably would have been otherwise. It was a sweet movie :)

Candace said...

Oh, Kellie. I can't even go there. I'm just so sad that my little boy is outgrowing his afternoon nap. And it's just a nap.

Do they really have to grow up? ;)

Elizabeth said...

I've always wanted to go to Williamsburg! If only my husband appreciated the rich history there as much as I do. Let's go together sometime!

We LOVED Toy Story 3. My oldest, who is almost 12, adored Jessie and even had a Jessie b'day party when she turned 3. It's all so bittersweet. I love who she's becoming as a big kid, but I miss those little kid days so much. It helps having a 2-year old running around and another one coming. There's always something fun going on!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

We're going to see it this afternoon. I'll pack my tissues.

Never been to Williamsburg. Looks like SO much fun!

Gretchen said...

Ye olde Blogger must've eaten my comment. Lurved TS3. Especially Ken's Dreamhouse. ;) And lurved seeing "my 2nd set of kids" in W'burg. Living history museums are the greatest. They keep my attention far better than the regular ones.

Sandy M. said...

We love Wm'sbg. & have been there many times, most recently in Dec. w/G & her kids.
Also went to TS3 w/them 2 weeks ago & loved it. My "baby boy" turned 33 today... but the toy phone in the story? oh yeah, he & G. had that one!

His Girl said...

oh yes, I was a MESS at the end of the movie, too. My now 15 year old used to call him "Butt Lightyear" which still cracks me up.

never been to Williamsberg. hope to someday!