Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Breaking Bread on this Excellent Day

I had this day filled with plans and purposes.

But nothing has gone according to schedule.

I couldn't be happier.

It started off with a bunny surprise.

When I left early this morning to meet my running friend, all in the home was well. The kids were snoozing and the dog barely looked up at me in that know you're not taking me out this morning look as I grabbed my keys and headed out.

I had a great run (although my knee hurt quite a bit) and I came home ready to get started with the day.

I hadn't yet made it to the door and I could here Kona the Wondermutt making funny sounds, whining and gruffling a little bit, but when I came to the door she quickly ran outside.

I made my way to the kitchen sink and grabbed a large glass of water. Imagine my surprise when I turned around and saw this hopping into my kitchen:

I knew nobody was awake, so I was trying to figure out how she got out of her cage. (She normally lives in the garage, but its been so hot we've allowed her in the family room for the summer.)

I scooped her up and walked to the family room where I found this:

So much for Italian Bunny Condo's found cheap. The bottom, literally, fell out.

I know that when I left that morning the cage was intact, but I'm uncertain how long she was roaming the house.

I cannot tell you how glad I am that Kona the Wonder Mutt did not eat Penny.

What a disaster that would have been.

The Boy and I jerry-rigged the cage to keep Penny safe, but when The Mister comes home he's gonna see what he can do to ensure the pets, at best, won't run-amuck....  or at worse: to keep our bunny from ever becoming dog-food while we are out of the house.

Since the morning was overcast the kids weren't too excited to go to the pool, so we opted to stay home. I went out and picked veggies and then I've been working on homeschooling stuff and listening to a book on CD...and icing my knee.

Gettin' old ain't for sissies.

I also decided that our impromptu stay at home lent itself to making bread.

I cannot tell you why I adore making yeasty breads and doughs, but I do...

I love the time it takes. I love the smell. I love the way dough feels...and truth be told, I love that impatient feeling of anticipation that happens...the goodness you hope for behind the door of the oven.

Making bread makes me (and others) happy...if even for a moment.

So I started with a banana bread, to keep the instant-gratification natives quiet. And while it was baking I started what was to be two big loaves of cinnamon bread.

In a flash of clear vision I decided to try something completely off recipe for one of the loaves - instead of cinnamon, I spread Nutella all over the top and quickly rolled it up, as if my secret might be found.

In the words of the Mr and Mrs. Carpoolqueen It did not suck.

So that is what's happening at the LaVida House on this fine, wonderful, bready day.

What are YOU up to?


Rae said...

WHat a crazy start to your day! But what a wonderful and yummy way to spend it....I too love baking bread and haven't done it in forever!!! Also, I am 100% jealous of your wonderful garden!!! I didn't plant one this year and I'm very sad about missing out on all of the fresh veggies!

Carpool Queen said...

And now I want to make bread. I bet your house smells amazingly delicious right now.

(And EEK! about Penny almost being breakfast.)

Amy said...

Poor Penny! I hope her morning of freedom was not too traumatic! The Nutella rolled in the bread looks fantastic!! I may need more details on this, as I have an unsuccessful track record on homemade bread.

Anonymous said...

oo sounds like a great day! Glad the dog didn't eat the bunny! Good job Kona! I would love a slice of that bread!! YUM! I pulled weeds in the pouring rain while Sammy played in mud puddles.. it was invigorating!

His Girl Amber said...

I can totally hear 'it does not suck' in my head right now... hahaha. I totally forgot about that expression!!!

I wish we were neighbors. I could totally see learning home ec. from you. I think I missed out somewhere :)

The Lord Family said...

What is your favorite no-fail bread recipe? Just ordered some wheat so I'm ready to try some recipes!

Amber said...

Poor Penny. Now she's probably highly ticked about being put back in the cage since she got a taste of freedom.

And bread. Yes, please.

Sandy M. said...

Your day sounds so nice (& also glad that Penny is okay!)
My day: appt. w/2nd opinion DR. who says I do NOT need another surgery on my hand!!! USO for 4 hrs. getting to serve some military traveling folks & love on a young gal headed to "boot camp" by herself (teary after telling mama goodbye); swimming w/my next door neighbors (the loves of my life); listening to the glorious sound of rain as I head to bed, alone (DH in the mountains for a few days). And that was my day....

Rachel said...

Your bread looks YUMMY! I bet it was excellent with the Nutella too. So glad your bunny was safe!

Gretchen said...

I meant to ask you last night about your bread. I think nutella on anything would be delish. Do you share your recipe?

Whew, I'm so glad Penny is okay. She was probably telling you that she'd like to go on the run since Kona didn't. :)