Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tough Job, But Someone Has To Do It

I can't type for too long, because (as you know) we are on a family stay-cation this week. This morning I have a tough schedule.

I promised The Mister we would be at the pool right when it opens so he might have a chance to swim laps.

I will probably lounge poolside until I feel "flushed" by this humid southern air.  I will then attempt to get into the water up to my shoulders, without getting my hair wet.

It's a futile process. My hair always gets mussed.

But its OK....because today I have a hairapy appointment.

Yes, its true. I've been seeing a hairapist every five weeks for many, many years.

And I'm better for it.

Just in case you think I've done NOTHING this week, here is proof of my labor...These flowers are actually all one peice...this week I learned how to triple crochet, in the round.

However, my creativeness is usually messy.

I need to get this menagerie (see how I made chaos sound artsy?) sorted before the weekend.

Oh, and I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but....

Yesterday afternoon might have been the most perfect afternoon I have had in a long while (or you know, since last week).....

I had lunch with friends that included: an Avocado, Bacon, Cucumber sandwich, holding a sweet newborn for nearly an hour, and shipping at Target by myself. Later on The Mister took me to the Barnes and Noble where I sat sipping an iced Passion Tea, and reading books on how to make crochet flowers.

It all came full circle my friends.


All right. Gotta go suffer at the pool.

(big wink)


O Mom said...

I see one basket on that cute blue shelf, maybe you could use a few more.

Carpool Queen said...


And I need the crafting fairy to come sprinkle dust on me. I AM OUT OF PROCESS.

Anonymous said...

ooohhh wow how do you put up with such a rigorous schedule ;-)

The Lord Family said...

Love the flowers!!
And kudos to you for using such a southern word as "flushed." ;)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sounds perfect!

Amber said...


That's all.

Rachel said...


Plus, that mess just means you're getting things done! Good for you. My supplies are tucked neatly into an IKEA storage container. Which translates into, I have done nothing.

Charity said...

I enjoyed our lunch! :) We'll have to do it again sometime!