Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Report

I know you are just dying to know how I spent my weekend....

So I'll tell you.

Actually, I'll just tell you the fun parts, because you probably folded five loads of laundry too. I won't bore you with the finer details.

On Friday night The Girl and I started cutting, gluing, and organizing the lapbooks she will be doing for school this year. There are four of them (one for each semester) and they come as stacks of paper (as seen in the top of the picture) and you cut, fold and paste to make what shown in the bottom of the picture.
(I swiped this photo from Homeschool Creations...Hello Jolanthe!)

I've learned that if I suggest watching a movie marathon she will work at just about anything (even folding towels!) It was TOTALLY worth watching all three High School Musicals (again) this weekend to have this project (and the laundry) knocked out. It took us about  an hour and 15 minutes/lapbook, but it would have taken much, much, longer had we done it alone. 

I also made these:

I have several friends having babies right now. I've have been wanting to try my hand at these burb-cloths for awhile...I think I'm hooked. These are great one-hour projects.

I also made some good progress in my winter afghan, putting on about 5 rows.

And I tried to make a crochet flower necklace using this recipe

Would you wear this? I liked it immediately when I saw it on the model. But when I put it on....I thought "It's cute, but I'd never wear it." I felt exactly how I do when I am trying on jeans... or bathing suits.

However, I'm not a huge accessories girl. I mean I like them, but I never actually wear them.

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your neck 
when a gully-washing, lightening-striking storm is overhead 
and your house is completely dark? 

And the piece de resistance of the weekend.....

Do you remember this?

About two months ago I used paint-stripper and elbow grease and perhaps a few expletives and got it cleaned up. Then The Mister sanded it and did a few repairs.

This weekend, The Girl and I slapped some primer on it, and then I started the painting process.

By Sunday afternoon it was ready for delivery and set-up.

I love the way it turned out. More importantly, The Girl loves it too.

So that is the very-long story (although I did spare details) of my weekend. 


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Whew. You were productive this weekend.

The bed looks fabulous!!! I'm lovin' all that pink!

The burp cloths are beautiful too!

I like accessories but I forget to wear them also. Or buy them and then decide they look ridiculous on me. I think the necklace you made is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend!! Love the way the bed turned out! Yay for getting all of the lapbooks ready :-)

Jessica DeMotte said...

very beautiful - all of them! I can't imagine how you managed to get all of that done in one weekend. What were the Boy and the Mister up to all weekend? Were they as productive as the girls?

Sandy said...

Wow, you had a busy weekend! I love the bed & the burp cloths, & I love the smile on the girl's face...
Thanks for the tomatoes!!!! Beautiful & yummy! You are so sweet!

Rebecca said...

I love the bed and the necklace. You should wear it. I think it looks great!

O Mom said...

The bed is so beautiful.
The flower necklace would be cute in the Fall or winter, like a dainty scarf.

Carpool Queen said...

I shared in your laundry duties, but nothing crafty for me (unless you count making taco salad).

Amber said...

I feel like I should be productive at something other than napping on the couch. That..I rock at.

You inspire me. I think I'm going to dig something out and make something out of it.


Rachel said...

All the projects look great! WooHoo for productiveness! You're on a roll!

Candace said...

Well done, Krafty Kellie!!!

PS- I told CPQ that we're going to be visiting your neck of the woods next summer for my cousin's wedding. We might just have to have a little NC blogging friends get together June 2010!

Unknown said...

My goodness! You put me to shame. I was really thrilled with completing one dust ruffle (that I was supposed to have done one year ago, no joke!) and one homecooked meal. You either need to slow down or don't tell me about it!

Jolanthe said...

That's a fabulous weekend!! :) Hmmmm...maybe I should enlist some help in our lapbook stuff!

Megan O. said...

Man you got a lot done in one weekend! How long do I have the "i have 3 kids" excuse for again? The bed looks so great and I love the burp cloths!!

Amy said...

I love your projects! The bed is beautiful! I agree on the necklace. It's super cute, but not something I would wear. I think you can pull it off. . .

Gretchen said...

Okay. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of the last two weeks, I missed this post of yours. Of all posts to miss, too! First of all, let me say just how impressed I am on all fronts:
~the bed (yowsers!!!)
~the bling (how adorable!!!)
~the burp cloths (so sweet!)
~the blanket (gorgeousness)

What I really am curious about is the lapbook. I decided that this would be the year we will do lapbooks. It's a whole new frontier for me. I bought one at the homeschool conference, but want to do more than one. So tell me, do you "build" them ahead of time? Then when you study that subject, she fills in the information? Is that how it works? I am CLUELESS! (and you are so talented)