Monday, July 05, 2010

A Creamiscle Miracle...and other fine things

Happy July 4th!

(on the July 5th)

Today we are celebrating one of those wonderful days that really calls for gratitude: Government Holidays.

The Mister is home and we have a tradition on days like today. We have a breakfast feast.

As soon as I finish typing this post we will dine on biscuits, eggs, and fruit (fresh pineapple, cherries, and watermelon).

After breakfast we plan to go on a hike to the river.

We've already had a great weekend which involved a little bit of work, and a little bit of fun. Which is always the best way to have a weekend.

The Girl and I watched a Hannah Montana Marathon while we slipped 500 sheets of paper curriculum into protective sleeves.

We aren't finished yet. We still have one and a half units left to "protect" but I ran out of sheet protectors.

Then we moved to the filing system. This is is new for me this year.  (Actually I've switched
entire curriculum this year) I have always filed their finished work, but never by the week. So we dutifully got an entire school-year filing system readied.

Then we went and had pedicures.

I also started another afghan while we watched movies each night.

I'm gonna keep this one.

I think.

This weekend couldn't have been better.

But it was.

After getting my toenails painted I quickly ran to the grocery store to pick up a few things for our cook-out....I decided to take one look in the ice cream isle, although I knew my Creamsicle search was in vain at this store.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a big yellow sticker that said "NEW ITEM! Dean's Orange Cream Bars":

And in my excitement I went all loco en la cabeza and bought ice cream sandwiches too.

It is a holiday you know.

For the record, these orange cream bars are better than the ones I was looking for, because they are orange sherbet not orange popsicle...Mmmmm......

I think it may have to be added to the breakfast feast menu.


cdub said...

If they have *orange* in them they totally count as breakfast fruit. Hooray!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Your weekend sounds perfect...and I'm glad for the sherbert find!!! Yahoo.

Tiffani said...

Girl. Seriously?! You inspire me!! I've have had that TOG curriculum in my hands so I KNOW how much work you did this weekend!!!!! I want to get our stuff together soon...I have one more order to make and then I'll have everything.

I love creamsicles...the essence of summer, to me. I haven't knitted in a coon's age and I'd like to but I'm enjoying too many other things right now!

I thought about you while I was running the Peachtree yesterday (huge landmark race in Atlanta)! First 10K!

Enjoy your day w/ your fam!

Michele said...

Congratulations on your creamsicle miracle! I was feeling very sorry for you!!!

O Mom said...

Wow! Your filing of their work by week with little tabs and everything! That is awesome. I just keep it all together in a box just by year, but I am truly inspired.....well I really like yours anyway. :)

Carpool Queen said...

I'm jealous of your summer craftiness. Maybe when we hang out tomorrow I'll get inspired to start back on some of my half-abandoned projects.

Gretchen said...

Hmph. Now I'm jealous of your summer craftiness AND your summer hang out with CPQ. I'll repent later, I think.

Seriously...needing a crochet tutorial on that afghan. Lurve.

Anonymous said...

Prefect weekend!! Yum eat an orange cream bar for me :-)

Rachel said...

Wow! Such organization! I'm jealous!

Yay for the orange bars! Glad you found 'em!

Jolanthe said...

Oh YUM!!! I love orange creamsicles!! We have a recipe that we make every now and then that is like Orange Julius'. LOVE those!


Anonymous said...

We used and loved TOG for 3-4 years. Gracen will be starting the small classical school at our church this year and is already missing TOG!!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Yay! You found them!

I remember liking them as a kid, but I tried them a few years ago and didn't... now I think it might have had something to do with them being popsicle!! Thanks for the help!