Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winning the War

Y'all, this post is gonna be short, at least I think it is...

I had hoped to bring you up to date on all the books I am reading right now, and the good movies I've seen lately, but I'm in the middle of a war.

Yes. A war. Right in the middle of my backyard.

In my garden to be exact.

I've declared war on the microscopic bugs. Nematodes and a little miscreant called the white fly. They apparently have a taste for cucumber plants and bell pepper seedlings.

My desire is to have a garden that is organic in nature, but I'm about to open a big ol' can of Raid and call it a day.

I've tried a cayenne pepper spray. I've tried some diluted organic soap spray.

This afternoon I will make my way to the wholesale floral market to get marigold, nasturtium, cornflower, mint, and borage.

I have no idea what any of those things are, but apparently they bring in an army of "good" bugs to kill, destroy, and eat the "bad" bugs.

So I am gonna log off now to rally the troops and take back my garden.

Wish me luck~


Kristin said...

Oh, I feel for you! Every year i TRY to grow yellow squash and zuchinni, and every.single.year the cutworms get the stems, eat thru them, and kill the plants. :(
This year hubby is trying a new method inside of 13 gallon rubbermaid totes - extremely unattractive, but hey - hopefully I'll get some good veggies. I wish you luck!!!

Rebecca said...

That's my problem too! Let us know if you figure out how to fix it.

Carpool Queen said...

Buy mail order lady bugs. They'll unleash holy terror on whatever's eating your plant.

Gretchen said...

Yes, CPQ knows of what she speaks. Those lady bugs are no ladies. I remember hiking in CO and seeing a whole boulder crawling with them. It was cool in a very creepy way.

Sorry about your bug-ation, though.

jamjar said...

Oh dear! Bad, Bad Bugs! Goodluck with your warfare!

Jen said...

you go, girl!

O Mom said...

let us know what works!
And mail order lady bugs??? Who knew.

Anonymous said...

Kick their butt!!!! get-um! Go Kellie go!

Jenster said...

Good luck, soldier!!

The Buntens said...

You can get lady bugs at the garden centers sometimes. Be careful with mint - it goes crazy!!! I had to pull it up this year - love it for my tea, though!

Sandy said...

1. I only plant mint in pots... it will take over like Kudzu!
2. For cutworms: put a 3" piece of flexable drain pipe (it's black w/ridges & is about 4" in diameter) around plants, inserted about 1" in the ground. Or use the neck of a plastic milk jug. Then the cutworms can't get to the stem.
3. Ladybugs & praying mantis' are the best predators to have in the garden (don't mess with the mantis... they bite!)
4. Organic sounds nice & I applaud you trying it... but I've never been able to omit the "real stuff" from mine.
5. When you figure out how to keep squirrels out (other than the enclosure that my DSIL made), let me know!