Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Virginia Glatitudes

I'm typing at you from my phome in my hotel in VA. My lunch with Lindsey and Jolanthe and the kids was great. I got along great with the Mom's and the kids got along great with eacother! I'll write more when I get home and have the ability to spell check!

Virginia is amazingly beautiful with its rolling hills and amazing greenery. Spring has begun here too and its a wonder.

We are here with my sister in law and her family. I hadn't seen my nieces since last summer and they are as cute as can be. They love my kids as much as mine love them and it fun to watch them enjoy eachother!

Today we are off to enjoy a few historical sights and to build some memories together!

Tell me: What vacation did you go on as a child that you remember the most?

Happy Wednesday!


Michele said...

We went to Myrtle Beach almost every year of my life. I have wonderful memories of those trips. Of course I remember our Disney trips too. My parents always took us to historical places and educational places too. It would be hard to decide on a favorite. Glad you're having a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

aww we all had a blast too! Sammy slept so hard when we got home :-P I hope you guys have a great day exploring Virginia :-)

Carpool Queen said...

I remember our trip to Washington DC where my dad got lost and we wound up in the worst part of town at a time when DC was the murder capital of the nation.

Good times, friend, good times.

O Mom said...

To the beach with these little cabins that had no elecricity. So fun!

Amber said...

My favorite trip was when we went to Hawaii. I was in 4th grade and my parents were so excited to see the places where Magnum P.I. were filmed.

I was as horrified then as I would be today.

Just give me the beach, please.

Have a great trip!!!

Jewel said...

Camping with family friends. We camped along a river and would get in and float down some very small repids on our behinds. Over and over and over. It was a blast.

Jolanthe said...

So absolutely wonderful to get together with you yesterday. :) My girls are still talking about their time with your daughter...and Zachary thinks your son is amazingly cool.

Gretchen said...

We used to take day trips to Estes Park CO and I enjoyed shopping in all the kitschy shops with my Mum and Grum. Also, I once shared nearly a month with my best friend. My mom and stepdad drove us from CO to So. Padre Island, TX, and we stayed there for a bit. Then Mom and step dad drove on and BFF and I stayed with her grandma and grandpa in McLean, TX. TINY town in the panhandle. Her grandma made the best Barbie clothes.

Sandy said...

I grew up fairly poor, so vacation was always to a "fish camp": small cabin (curtain drawn between two beds for "privacy".. think, Little House on the Prairie) with no running water or stove (mom cooking all the meals on a camp stove outside), common "facilities" about 3 cabins down (toilets, showers, sinks...), a steep hillside down to a very deep river (no swimming), & my dad going out fishing early AM, breakfast when he came in, nap for him, back out fishing in late afternoon... Occasionally we went out in the rowboat. Lots of reading (nothing else to do).

But one summer I went with a neighbor friend's dad to their vacation home on Lake Michigan & spent their last week of vacation with them (they spent most of the summer there & their dad came for the month of Aug., but that year only had a week). Horseback riding, blueberry picking, swimming in the Lake, lots of family fun. And it inspired me to "make" family fun when I had my own family!