Monday, April 26, 2010

Looks Like We Made It

I'll be singing Barry Manilow for a week.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Thank you for your prayers this weekend.

My little camper had a blast on the Girl Scout camping trip.

Unfortunately her 2 night stay ended up being only  28 hours. Her troop was sent home on Saturday night at 7p in anticipation of a string of storms that traveled across the state.

She still got to do all the things she wanted to do: the low ropes course, the climbing of massive trees (with use of a belayer), the 50 foot zipline over the pond, and sleeping in a tent with six other girls without an adult.

She faced her own fears (heights), while I faced mine.

We both did amazingly well.

I hung out with girlfriends on Friday night, which was very relaxing. Then early Saturday morning my dear friend and running partner laced up our shoes...and hit the local garage sales.

It was a work-out for sure.

Especially when you come home with an antique bed.

I paid a whopping $15 for it. It needs some TLC.

The Mister is going to have to replace some of the wood, and I am going to refinish it. "After" pictures to come sometime next month.

I spent the rest of the day keeping very busy - at the gym, in the garden, visiting a friend, mowing the lawn, picking up around the house, and generally wearing myself out.

It was well worth it because what I always hope for on Sunday afternoons came easily: The Nap.

It was a glorious thing.

This morning I'm gearing myself up for a full week of school and activitites.

Confession: I have a bit of school-itis.

I just kind of wish school was over.

Only four weeks left.

Four weeks.

I keep whispering to myself: "Its not starting well that wins the race, but finishing well."

I do want to finish strong, but discipline is missing. Must find it, ASAP!

Tell me what you need to finish well this day? Week? Month?


Anonymous said...

Yay for Barry Manilow blog post titles and Yay, YOU, for surviving...and finding a bargain along the way! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Marla Taviano said...

I looooooove garage sales! And antique furniture!!! Sigh.

Candace said...

So glad you did well and had fun in the process! I love the bed. :)

And what do I need to finish well? This pregnancy. I'm SOOOOOO ready to be done, but to be patient and wait it out is really, really hard for me. Especially with the heart burn and sleeplessness and general discomfort. How to finish this thing without too much moaning and complaining? I'm still pondering that one. But thanks for the thought- I really do need to finish well.

Anonymous said...

Yay for garage sale finds! yay for a fun camping trip! Yay for overcoming fears! Sounds like an all around amazing weekend for you guys! We had a whole series at church on finishing strong. I had mostly forgotten about it.. thanks for the reminder.. I want to finish cleaning up and putting things away from Sammy's birthday weekend. I have some dishes to do (yikes) and toys to find homes for. I also want to finish my purging and take some things to good will that didn't sell at our yard sale weekend before last! whew.. sounds like I have some work to do this week!

Jen said...

First may I say I *bigpuffyheart* Barry? I know it makes me rather dweeb-ish, but it's honesty that counts more than dweeb-dom, right?

The bed you scored is nothing short of what the younger crowd would deem "righteous". I love it. I never find good stuff when garage saling.

What do I need to finish well today? Coffee. Lots of it.

Happy Monday!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I prayed for you this happy to hear that it went well...for both of you!

You scored at the garage sale. Wow. That's gorgeous.

Finishing well is a good word for me. We have four weeks of school left as well and I am already feeling a bit claustrophobic with my calendar/schedule. So ready for summer.

Hang in there.

Gretchen said...

Ack! Comment just deleted!

Just here to say that I thought of u often over the weekend. Giving thanks that He prepared you for 48 hours, but only had you endure 28. Also, seems He led u to the bargain of the year! Beautiful find, LVCG. Mad lurve for ya.

Kendra said...

I LOVE Barry! AND that bed! If I lived closer I'd try to go over there and steal it. That is cool and I can't wait to see the re-do!

Cathy said...

Before I even clicked over from Twitter to read this I was singin' the song...thank you for that.;)

Great job, Mama!

And great job, Awesome Deal Snatcher!

I need to finish ladies Bible study at church and I need to continue the exercise I started this weekend (I guess).

Rebecca said...

I, too, have to finish school well...(sigh). So ready for summer...

Carpool Queen said...

I love me a good Barry Manilow reference.

I need to finish/start cleaning my bathrooms.

Not as much fun as that sleigh bed....

Lori said...

I love Barry! Guess what I'll be listening to today? ;) What do I need to get through this week? The strength to NOT dwell on what others think of me. Focusing on giving my all to God. Deep breath... :)

Amber said...

Ohmuhgosh...that bed?? What a find!

So glad that everyone survived the weekend and that G had a great time on her camping trip. What fun!!

Oh..and school? Ugh. Finishing well...that's what I keep telling myself.

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

I'm proud of you! You did a great job keeping busy. You very easily could have been moping while she was gone.

I can't wait to see the bed!

Sarah said...

I'm amazed that you can think about something that is four weeks away. I want to finish this morning well, and that's about as far as I can see right now. Mostly I just want to get to naptime without yelling at anyone--especially the ones that have been up since well before six. I've heard rumors of this thing called grace, I do hope we both find some today to finish well.

Tiffani said...

He is faithful to bring us through Mama Heart moments and then top it off with an awesome find at a garage sale!! I love that He is a God of details (and bargains).

I said those very words to myself this morning about school...I'm stalling by commenting ;) but we're heading in the school room next!!

Here's to all of us finishing well...FOUR WEEKS! FOUR WEEKS!