Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From the Archives: Empanadas

I'm pulling from the archives today. This post makes me wince and happy at the same time.
Well, because yesterday I was looking up Empanada recipes. I remembered posting one somewhere...reading this post made me realize that they weren't worth the effort. 
It makes me happy to think that I should just find a Mexican Bakery.
Wince? Goodness I've aged in five years! (and put on a pound, or ten)
On the other hand, I am SO glad I painted my kitchen cabinets white!
Hey, if you are local and know of any good Mexican bakeries, let me know!
If you're not local, tell me what you grew up eating as a kid that you wish you could have today?

If non of those things apply to you, tell me what makes you Happy....or what makes you wince?

The following was originally posted on July 21, 2005.

I am throwing a baby shower "Fiesta Style" for a freind of ours on Saturday night. I decided that I would try a recipe for Chocolate & Banana Empanada's.

These are little turnover type pastries that you can find in a Mexican Bakery. Mostly I have had ones that have pineapple (my fave) or pumpkin. Sometimes they are filled with meat.

Anyway, I found a recipe and happily went to making them. Thank goodness I made them in advance because.....First, can I say they aren't that easy?

Secondly, they didn't turn out as yummy as the ones we grew up on from Mexican bakery in Tucson. As a matter of fact they didn't turn out very good at all. They looked pretty good, but I think (Thirdly, and most importantly) I will be serving "Mexican" Chocolate Cake...from Costco.

Happy Day!


Kristin said...

you look cute!! ;)
I miss eating Jello Pudding Pops - doesn anyone remember those? And we always had shoestring potato chips - I don't have a desire to eat those again though! Today, my rose bushes are making me happy! And I'm wincing at yet another kid complaining of another illness ;(

Amy said...

There used to be a little place in RTP called Sarah's Empanadas. I remember having lunch there - some kind of meat filled one. Yummy!

The Buntens said...

You look great. I love the cabinets white, too. Those look yummy!

I miss pizza from my home town very very much. :(

Carpool Queen said...

Did you go to Sarah's? They have good savory empanadas, but I haven't had the sweet ones.

And I'm totally volunteering for a bakery run with you.

Anonymous said...

okay first off.. aren't you glad you posted things like that where you now know they aren't worth the effort! Second check out those guns!! Thirdly you look amazing then and now! :-) July 21, 2005 I would have been 1+ month into my marriage ;-)

whimzie said...

Mom and I were just missing the sand tart cookies that used to be made by the Charles Chips company in the 70s. I wish I could find a good knock-off recipe. I miss them.