Friday, November 30, 2007

Then There Was Five

I forgot to tell you that we did have a bit of Thanksgiving Drama around here when we woke up to Lenny the Beta fish "sleeping" at the bottom of his cookie jar. The Girl went through the grieving process in about 13.8 minutes:
  • Denial, disbelief, numbness - Mom, do you think he's just sleeping?
  • Anger, blaming others - Mom! That lady at the pet shop told me he wouldn't die until I was eleven!
  • Bargaining - Mom, since Lenny died, do you think you could buy me a new fish? Like maybe a catfish?
  • Depressed mood, sadness, and crying - Mom will you snuggle with me?
  • Acceptance, coming to terms - Mom, I'm sad that Lenny died, but it's probably good timing since you do all that holiday baking. You're gonna need that cookie jar!
OK, So maybe that last one was more my thought process, but she did come to accept Lenny's demise very quickly.


You were a good fish. It was nice having you hang out with me, on the kitchen counter, in my cookie jar, when I was doing dishes or cooking. You always seemed to appreciate when I cleaned out your bowl, even though I was promised that wouldn't become my job. I am thankful that you didn't howl, bark, roll in poop, or beg when you hadn't been fed exactly on time. You never complained, or woke me up at 3am to go outside. You were a good pet. I hope that (as quoted in Nemo) your ride down the Porcelain Express was everything a fish dreams about in his life. Thanks for the memories...

On Behalf of the La Vida Dulce Family,


meh said...

I goofed on the above post that is now deleted. Does it bother you to know that you will never know what I just wrote?! Ever?! Anyways, poor little girl!! And PLEASE promise me you are NOT putting cookies into that cookie jar. Maybe treats for Kona, but not cookies!!!!!!! Please pass mine and J's condolences on to the girl.

C D said...

how's the haircut?

Let's try and plan to get together soon... wanna go to the TGC concert on Dec15? I have a concept I'd like to propose to you! :D