Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Banchee the Mouse

Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer has posted about an addition to her family. It reminded me of my own mouse tale.

When I was in Junior High a friend of mine had a mouse named Banchee. Her parent were making her get rid of it (this should have been my first clue) so I took it home (by the way, I also did this with kittens, puppies and a once brought home a Japanese foreign exchange student that had been kicked out of her first hosts home...no joke..but that is for another post).

Against my parents better judgment, they let me talk them into keeping it . Until it got loose one day while I was at school. Although I searched all over for him, I couldn't find him and assumed he had found his way out doors. I don't think I actually told my parents.

The next Friday evening I spent the night at a friends house and was awakened with a 6:00am phone call from my mother. I was told that she was on the way to pick me up. She said that she and my Dad had been awakened by the mouse running across my Dad's face while he was sleeping.

Apparently my Dad tore apart the bedroom trying to catch Banchee, eventually catching him in an empty turned over coffee can. I was to be ready and waiting outside for her arrival. She was going bring me home to help clean up the mess, and find a place for Banchee to live. A.S.A.P. Even if that meant the 10 acre desert behind our house.

That was an interesting morning for me. Mostly because the people in my house were very grumpy for the wake up call they had dance across their face. I wasn't all that attached to that mouse, but I couldn't let him go to the wild. I found some guy at school who decided to take it, cage, wheel, food and all....Chances are he had reptiles who needed a fast footed snack....but I didn't think about that till this very minute!!! AAuuugghhhh!!!

That was the end of rodents of any kind in our home. There wasn't a guinea pig, nor a hamster. And for the record, as a parent now, I think I will hold to that tradition!

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meh said...

What a funny story about Banshee. Pete and Repeat are our pet rodents right now (actually D-3's). But anyways, when we were out of town and our sweet house sitter was taking care of them and Hidey and Truck, Repeat made a break for it and lived in our basement for a couple of weeks. D-3 did finally make the rescue and the rodent friends are reunited and I feel much better about going down to my basement. Why is it we praise Hidey Cat for the 2 dead mice on our front doorstep and then nurture 2 huge rats in our basement, name them, feed them, even pet them? Is that weird or what?

Kellie said...

OH My goodness...seeing your comment totally reminded me of the time you and D went away for a week and I was to come over and feed Nugget and the rodent, and my kids let Little D's rodent loose, and I had to catch him in an empty Lego box! Do you remember that? I guess that would be called "reaping what I'd sown"... Do you think? :)

meh said...

yep...and in addition, "what goes around comes around", "a mouse in the hand is worth 2 in the lego box", "you have played cat and mouse", and "see how they run, see how they run"!! (: Sorry, that all just rolled off the fingertips before I could stop myself. I think I need sleep and it is only 7:09. Scary!

spaghettipie said...

Okay, that story totally cracked me up. Reminds me of a time when my roommate, friend and I found a little field mouse in the bathtub of our apartment. It's amazing how silly three girls can be when confronted with a tee-tiny mouse! Let's just say it ended with a call to a guy friend who helped us get it out of the linen closet, but when it ran toward his foot he instinctively stopped it . . . and then swore to us that it was still alive as he quickly scooped it up and "released" it back into the wild.

Kellie said...

Catching mice is definetly "Man's" Work!