Friday, November 16, 2007


I have had a blogging question for over a week now. I have tried to figure it out on my own but it didn't work out. Maybe you could help me?

Sometimes when I comment on your blog (Blogger peeps only) I will get an email sent directly to me when you have answered one of my comments. These aren't private emails because when i go to check your comments, your reply is there. I thought that this happened because there is a little button that says to email all comments back to me regarding comments to that specific page. I had been pushing that button on bloggers with less traffic, until I happened to do it by accident on the Living Proof site. I will never do that again! I love to read Amanda and Beth's blog, but when I went to my mail box and had 245 email messages in comments for thier blog I wasn't sure whether to be happy that I don't have that many readers comments to keep up with, or sad that all that mail wasn't for me! And the email continued trickling in for over a week because I had no way to undo what I had done!

So, I don't think that is what you all are doing when you email your comment reply back to me (and also to your site). Holy Moses! This sounds confusing!

So if any of you can help a girl out that would be awesome.

Also, can we talk appetizers? This will be the first Thanksgiving that I am not cooking in almost 10 years. If I am really being honest I will tell you that this is a little sad for me, but that sadness is completely overcome by the fact that both my family and The Misters family will all be in the same town at the same time this year. I want you to know that in 12 and half years of marriage (and almost 15 years of knowing each other) this has NEVER happened before. Over here at the La Vida household are so excited about the events that will take place next Thursday. We are thankful that God has orchestrated reunions with both sides of the family this year and we are genuinely looking forward to the entire day.

But back to appetizers. The schedule will go something like this: early afternoon Thanksgiving dinner (Or Dinner #1) with my side of the family, and late afternoon dinner (Dinner #2) with The Misters side.

For Dinner #1: I will be making homemade sweet rolls and cranberry sauce.

For Dinner #2: I will be making a crudite (that's a fancy word for veggies and dip, and I wonder where my daughter gets the whole "call my room an apartment" issue?), homemade rolls and appetizers.

Appetizers are not something I have ever really made. I am thinking I would like to make two different things. I was thinking Feta Stuffed Mushrooms, but I am stumped for the other. Do any of you La Vida Gals have a tried and true appetizer recipe that is 1. not too difficult, 2. something I could assemble the morning of (or better yet the night before), and 3. easily transportable? Of course, it would be nice if looked really impressive too.

That way people would ooh! and ahh! over my beautiful creation and say "How in the world did you have the time to fix these amazing appetizers?" and I could lower my eyes and humbly shake my head and say, "Oh no, it was nothing! I mean, I planted those mushrooms in my garden a few weeks ago, and then carefully watched them grow to perfection in my green house. I only picked the ones that where exactly 1-inch in diameter, you know, so the appetizers would all be the same size. Then I stuffed them with a mixture of herbs, from my organic garden, and goat cheese made from the milk of the goat we keep in our 17th century barn...So it was really fresh, which really makes all the difference."

Oh wait, I didn't mean to write that out loud.

Anyway, just send your appetizer recipes my way if you got 'em.

Happy Friday!


Blue Skies said...

How about a loaf of French bread made into thin slices, toasted with butter in the oven with a crab dip or artichoke dip, or topped with a little fresh mozzarella and tomato? At my Granny's b-day party the buttery toast and dip disappeared "likity-split". Or, you could make little marinated shrimp wrapped in bacon and broiled. Are mini pumpkin muffins considered an appetizer?

Megan said...

Nothing beats opening up a container of Trader Joe's bruschetta and pouring it into a fancy bowl and serving it alongside some good bread or crackers. :) Sorry I don't have more to offer you!

dcrmom said...

Oh I hope you find your ring!! How upsetting.

Appetizers, I have a couple of ideas. Warm crab dip. Spinach balls. Brie with caramel sauce.

Those can all be done ahead but will need about 20 minutes in an oven or a few minutes in a microwave when you reach your destination. Let me know if you want the recipes.

Oh! Little veggie pizza bites are easy and don't need any last minute prep. They use crescent dough for crust.

Let me know! :-)

meh said...

May I just say that you are hilarious! And then I vote for the Brie with caramel sauce from dcrmom. It is classic! Still praying 'bout the ring.

Mrs. Moofish said...

I vote for the french bread and dip or mozzarella and tomatoes-mmm,mmm! Of course, it's a little unfair for me to vote, since I am being a little selfish in doing so! I look forward to Thursday!