Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Spoiler

If you are related to me, live in the same town, and are under the age of 11, please don't read this post!

I have been working on several projects this past week and I though I would share.

Last year I found this tutorial at All Sorts. I had bought all the felt and supplies. I didn't end up making it but was so happy to find all the "ingredients" so I could actually make it before the 1st of December and use it as an Advent Calendar. Instead of just using the tags as a decoration to hang on the button each night, I am going to write a daily Advent scripture on the back of them. There will also be a piece of chocolate in each pocket for us to eat. I will be sure to post a picture when it's completed...only 21 pockets left to go.

These are two of the aprons that my nieces are receiving this year. I found this tutorial on line as well.
They are super easy, not very time consuming and fun!

The chicken apron was for The Girl. It was the first one I made. Poor Girl always gets the "Guinea Pigs" of all my creations!

This was a robot I made last year. I got the pattern from crafter blogger Wee Wonderfuls.
I have been reading her sight (along with Posie get Cozy) for several years now and they always inspire me! Anyway, this Robot and his Spaceboy (I don't have any pictures of him for some reason) will be made for my nephews these year.

Today I spent the day sewing and finishing up a few projects here while the Termite people were drilling holes into my house and drowning our little home eaters. Tomorrows porjects will include baking up some turkey shaped sugar cookies and homemade bread bread, and preparing for my little portion on Thanksgiving. Oh! and I also have to paint my toes since I will be wearing flip-flops with my Thanksgiving Outfit! ;)

La Vida Dulce!


Anonymous said...

flip flops, for heavens sake!! Hey, I couldn't see the pics of your projects. Is it me or you?

Anonymous said...

what's homemade bread bread?

I wish I knew how to use my sewing machine.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you might like this, too!

Unknown said...

Can y'all see the pics or is it just meh?

Unknown said...

Also, i really need a proofer!!

Anonymous said...

I can see those pics - mighty impressive, girl!!

Watching in NC

meh said...

it was me...or more precisely my lovely mac. Anyways, the pics are visible today and I am SO impressed. ( And not just 'cause you are my friend.)