Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rent Free

Y'all, I just had the most delicious 25 minute nap you could ever imagine.

I know, you're thinking it's not even Sunday and she is napping? Well, today has been gloriously overcast, and although a bit blustery, the temperature has not gone over 75.

Did you hear that? Did you hear it? Yes, that was the call from my bedroom closet. It's the voice of my tan colored AnnTaylor corduroy pants I bought last year. Since mid-October they have been just crying to be worn; Calling out to me like a lost child. And today's weather has given me hope. Hope that I may wear them before Thanksgiving yet!

That sweet little nap has given me a burst of energy and I have a few things I must tell you sweet La Vida Gals. (I have AZ Gals, TX Gals, and NC Gals...I needed a name for y'all, what do you think?)

First, The Girl is cracking me up more than usual these days. Six months ago, when we moved to this house the movers broke her dresser. Since then she has been living life out of cardboard boxes. I've been a little slow in the giddy-up on ordering her a new dresser, but exactly one week ago the furniture store delivered her new dresser and mirror set. Now her room looks like she actually gets to stay awhile.

The Girl really likes how the new furniture makes her room look, and she has asked that we all refer to her room as her "apartment". In the days after her dresser was delivered she spent most of time after school and on the weekend "organizing" and making things in there "just so". Now if I ask her to take her shoes (that are in the middle of the family room floor) to her bedroom she will correct me. " My apartment, Mom."

I informed her that apartments aren't free and that I was thinking I might have to charge her rent. Unfortunately this thrilled her because she has LOTS of money. As in play money that she cuts out of green paper, in teeny, tiny little rectangles, and then leaves all over the western half of the United States. She uses this money when she and her friends play store, and these crazy scraps of paper have been found in the car, the kitchen, my nest, my shoes, the bathroom, the dishwasher and once I even used one as a book mark.

With the exception of the bookmark, her money drives me crazy. On some days, when the War With Paper Produced By School Aged Children is overwhelming, it's a Very Short Drive.

When, on occasion, she has found these tiny little pieces of green paper in the garbage can, she get completely upset because I am throwing away her money! Honestly, after picking up millions of these green scraps I seriously considered teaching her about the convenience of credit, but then I thought better.

By all means, she can live in her apartment rent free. I certainly don't need her money!

The other thing I wanted to tell you is that the skirt I made last week (If you haven't entered to win you still have a bit of time! I draw the name tomorrow!) , motivated me to get busy on the process of putting together my nieces and nephews Christmas gifts. I have been busily sewing and crafting this week, and as soon as I get a battery in my camera that actually works, I will be posting pictures. How about you? Will you making some gifts this year? If so, whatta-ya makin'.

All-righty, someone is going to have whip up some grub for supper tonight and I'm pretty sure that person is me. I might go change into my corduroy pants just in case today was winter. I'd hate to have missed the opportunity. I'm sure dinner will taste better for it!

La Vida Dulce!


meh said...

I would like to think that I was making gifts for people this Christmas but...

Actually, I used to be better at that "crafty" gifting thing. I wonder what I could do now that would be acceptable. Something tells me that "bags" sewn out of material scraps with the the hem on the outside and rather crooked at that just wouldn't say "I love you" like it did when I was 7.

mer said...

I WANT to make gifts this year for Christmas, but I'm a little, um, uninspired in the idea department, so YAY for you! Want to share your ideas??

I can so relate to little scraps of paper...and then the tears when they're "discovered" in the trash bin. Same scenario plays out almost daily around here. If they're small enough scraps, you might be able to "hide" them inside the vacumn cleaner!

spaghettipie said...

Definitely share some pictures for inspiration. One of these days I'm going to learn how to use my sewing machine.

So, you didn't get any dinner on those pants, did you?

June Cutoff Cash said...

Her apartment. This kills me.

Am I one of your NC girls? Even tho we have never met?

Megan said...

We actually got a few drops of rain here as well and you'd better believe I was rushing in to find something long-sleeved. I think it was still eighty degrees but it just looked like it should be a cold winter's day.

Kellie said...


I would be honored if you were one of my NC Gals. You don't know how perfect you fit in...especially since I know your real name!


Confession: I found the most comfortable pair of black wide-legged pajama pants at Target last week. And pretty much I have worn them everyday this week....even to dinner at my in-laws house last Saturday and to pick up the kids from school yesterday. Everyone has complimented me on how "beautiful" my pants are....I feel so sneaky!

Kellie said...

Oh! and Spaghetti,

I think espresso counts. And you don't have to like coffee for use to be buddy's. But you do like chocolate right? How about ice cream?


spaghettipie said...

Kel - I was sort of kidding about the espresso. More admitting to the fact that I drink so much of a very strong coffee every morning. :)

And yes, I love chocolate. I love ice cream. I love chocolate ice cream. I love coffee ice cream with chocolate. I love coffee with chocolate and a side of ice cream . . .