Monday, November 05, 2007


I really should empty the dishwasher or fold the pile of laundry that is living on the couch, but as you can read, I needed to update, so here I am.

This weekend was amazingly busy, but very very good. Let's start with Friday. c.d. from Desert Diva and I sang at the retirement community. For the record, if there is ever a question of where I would like to go when I am old, you can take me there. Maybe it was because I was expecting mothballs and hot, musty rooms with hallucinating shouters that were tied to the bed to protect themselves (I have sung at nursing homes before, that sentance is exactly what I have seen before). I was not at all expecting what we walked into.

First of all these were not your typical geriatric people. These were totally-with-it , very rich old people who live in the equivalent of a five star country club/resort. We're takin' the Ritz of senior living.

Y'all, when I had to use the restroom right before we sang I was smackin' myself for not bringing my camera because you would've wanted to see that. Everything was marble and dark wood and real towels rolled up and stacked in ornate boxes in neat pyramids. No paper there, baby. The stalls were separated by separate rooms with real doors. I looked for a pull string connected to the wall, in the event that I might fall and be unable to get up, but it wasn't there! This place was amazing. When the activities director brought us water, she brought it in the most beautiful (and large) martini glasses you could imagine.

Yes, it was THE retirement communities of all retirement communities. Next time I'm bringing the camera for sure. If, for nothing else, to have pictures to look at when I am living out life's last years at Shady Pines On-A-Pension Home.

After the concert I went to return our martini/water glasses and four ladies who attended the concert were having cocktails in the bar while waiting to have their private dinner served on the patio. Apparently it was their Girls Night Out. They chatted with me for several minutes. It was obvious they were enjoying their evening, and living quarters, immensely.

I am so living there in 50 years. If I can remember where it is...

Saturday was jam packed as well, but that seems so long ago and I can't really remember it.

Sunday was church and high tea bridal showers (Yay Terri!) and then the concert. This is where I swallow my pride and tell you that it went very, very well. Even including the bagpiper. She only played two songs and they were pretty short. The musicians and singers all did a really great job and I was glad that I participated. Especially since it was a fund raiser for this little churches Women's ministry.

I was so glad that c.d. had agreed to sing with me. My momma used to say there is safety in numbers and that couldn't be more true than on this weekend. Between Friday and Sunday c.d. and I spent a lot of time together. It was great to not have to do all the stuff this weekend alone and in between the singing there was a lot of great conversation that I loved.

OK, I really should go get my act together in this house but I wanted to post and tell you I lived to tell the story of the weekend!

Until maƱana!


Terri said...

Awesome! I knew it would be great!

PS Thanks for the mention in the post - I am honored. Let's hear it for girly tea parties!!