Monday, November 19, 2007

They're Messing With Me

Today when I was on my way to my Mom's office I noticed some city workers doing work near a small bridge. As I got closer I realized that they were flipping open all the "Bridges Freeze First" signs.

Uh, someone needs to tell the city that it is 84 degrees outside?

Maybe there is a cold front coming that I am unaware of, but really, with two days left before Thanksgiving and still wearing flip-flops, flipping those sign over is a little "twilight zone", if you know what I mean.

Then again, maybe I am just grumpy. I still haven't found my ring but I am still hopeful that it will show up. I have looked everywhere I can think of, but at this point I think I need to stop and move on because, quite frankly, the constant searching and wondering about it borders on crazy. My sister-in -law, saw me at the gym this morning. When she asked me if I found it I cried, right there in the gym. I am not really a public crier, but the lack of sleep and obsessive looking has taken it's toll.

I have received so many kind emails and heard amazing stories of gals who have lost their ring only to find it again sometime later, after they had given up the search. I am hopeful that this will happen to me, and I am ready (after three days) to get back to the projects I am working on and to do some baking in preparation for the holiday. Don, a dear friend in NC (Actually, they are more like family. Don and his wife Linda fed us dinner before we had even been in NC three nights. Which, for us is kind of like legal adoption. We are like cats, you feed us and your stuck with us for life!) Anyway, he wrote me a sweet email encouraging me over my lost ring and he put things in perspective. He said:

"You must look
on the bright side.
You still have the man that gave you that little

You are so very right. I wish I could hug your neck.

I want to end on a positive note, although I complain about the weather (because it's fun), I do want to say that Thanksgiving Dinner in the cold would be nice. But Thanksgiving Dinner in 70 degree weather won't be too shabby either. I may even get a tan.


Anonymous said...

This year, we are thankful for cold weather, freezing rain, probably some snow. If you want cold weather for T-giving, head north and east. We'll be here all week.
Your friends in Michigan...

Lara said...

Someone in Michigan must have discovered anonymous' blog and they've had to go into the witness protection program...hence the anonymous?

Blue Skies said...

Amen to "You must look on the bright side. You still have the man that gave you that little jewel."
What a great perspective and absolutely worthy of a neck hug. I know he is so right about your man and I know you believe that all the way down to your tiniest molecule. Have a blessed holiday. Be sure to share the results of the appetizers!

Anonymous said...

Well, I must show this one to the jewel of a man in my life, and believe me, I will hug his neck for you until you can get here!
Love and hugs,
Your NC adopted Mama