Saturday, June 30, 2007

Visitors, Vaccuums and Vacation

I love visitors!

As I type Lara and her Family are on their way to the wild west for a five day stay.

I am doing the final preparations for their arrival. Lara and Co., will be my first visitors in The New House and it has taken me a bit longer to get ready because I do not have a "system" yet in The New House. I usually have a systematic process I go through to get things ready for house guests. But with a new house comes a new I am learning.

If I may have a homemakers moment...

One of the things that is driving me crazy right now is the vacuum. I bought a new bag less vacuum two years ago. What I really wanted was a Dyson, but I got this one because it was more affordable. But it's horrible because you need fifteen different filters and the dirt ALWAYS gets stuck! IT makes me a bit crabby. And there is nothing worse than a crabby cleaner.

Now, with the new carpet, it's ten times worse. Every time I vacuum I think about that Dyson. IS it worth the money? Anyone out there have one? Is it everything they say it is? I need to know!

On a different topic, with 4 adults and 5 kiddos running around our desert dwelling this week I decided that Kona, the wonder mutt, needed a little vacation of her own. So she has been shipped off to the the house of The Alpha Dog and His Wife. I think she was happy about it but she's pretty moody so you never know.

OK...I have procrastinated long enough. I must go vacuum with that bag less beast.

Hurray Visitors! Are you here yet?

La Vida Dulce!