Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random Poll - June

Last week while I was unpacking a box labeled Master Bedroom I came across the stuff for our bedside tables. The content of my bedside table is mixed. I have one very functional and practical drawer and one for various odd things and maybe, a bit of junk.

The drawer closest to the bed is where I keep all the stuff I need for my bedtime routine. I have a tube of Chapstick, two kinds of hand lotion (depending on how how tough the day was on my hands), the current fiction book I am reading, my Owl book light, a book mark that I never use, and a guitar pick. I know that last one is a bit random but for some reason it's in there.

The other drawer has a devotional I have read through several times but is so good that I keep it in there for reference, lots of pens and pencils (of which have no ink or sharp point), a highlighter, a random Christmas ornament I keep forgetting to put in the Christmas stuff, and some loose change. It also used to house a couple of Arizona postcards, which i will be mailing out to two lucky readers. I used to keep them in the side drawer as a memento of the desert I love. But now I live here. So I can just look out the window.

But my all time favorite item in the bedside table is a Valentine I got from The Boy a couple of years ago. When he was about five years old he started to make these smiley face's with one winking eye. I am not sure where he saw it or how he came up with it, but soon after I began to receive little notes with this winking smiley guy and I love him almost as much as I love The Boy.

I especially love that he is showing that The Mister's training has not gone undone. This note shows love and concern. It shows care and The Boy's tender heart (Inside it says "Mom, you ar grate"). But most of all it shows the proper use of duct tape.

I love it. And it stays in the bedside table because it makes me happy.

Of course, all this made me wonder, What do you keep in your bedside table?

I will read comments and send two lucky people an AZ postcard for your efforts!

PS: Happy Birthday to Ms. Ant Rancher
Go to her severely neglected blog and wish her a happy day.

And while your there tell her that Kellie says to update!
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Lara said...

Well this is a little embarassing but since blogs seem to be the modern confessionals here my drawer today is an unusual assortment because last week before going on a trip I dumped the contents of my purse in my draw and then just put back what I could take on the trip/plane and left the junk to clean out at a later this list is probably more appropriately what was in my purse but some of it was what was in my nightstand to start off with
1. a pair of those special socks you put on with lotion to keep your heels soft
2. 4 receipts
3. 2 packages of salad bar club crackers
4. a tube of crest whitening toothpaste
5. a tube of Le Couvent Des Minimes Soothing Foot creams Honey and Shea
6. operating instructions for my cd player
7. a half price books book mark
8. pink fingernail polish (I KNOW I KNOW THIS IS ASKING FOR IT AT MY HOUSE)
9. two ponytail holders (chongos) and a barrett
10. The walmart explanation for a perscription for cough syrup
11. A history fair participation ribbon for Gabe
12. 2 pens and 2 pencils
13. a fever reader
14. Loreal Rouge Pulp lip stick
15. 2 pieces of Big Red
16. a bottle of hand sanitizer
17. a picture of my dream hairstyle
18. a fingernail file
19. a large darning needle
20. 3 vitamins (glucosamin, fish oil, and fiber) and a tums
21. the caps for a IPod charger
22. a little screw to something?
23 part of an earring
24. and 1 unmentionable (sorry guys you can't put EVERYTHING on a blog!)

Lara said...

There are now only 11 of the above items in my drawer and no the fingernail polish is NOT one of them! (For those who don't know my 3 year old has ruined 2 bedspreads and 1 brand new dress with fingernail polish)

Kellie said...

You Go Girl! I am so happy to be of some GOOD influence for you. I was feeling a little guilty about turning you in a caffeine addict. Well, actually not really. I like having someone who understands me.

But I am glad you got your nightstand cleaned out, cuz my goodness, you could have had a dead body in there! ;)

Love ya!

Kellie said...

Are you having trouble commenting? I received a call from meh that said she hadn't seen her comment show up so I thought I would test things here!


meh said...

Wow, Lara, and how insightful into your personality. Particularly #'s 7, 13-16, 19, and of course #24!! I hesitate to even list what is on my nightstand because it will sound so pathetic, except that it is exactly that, and is in and of itself, also insightful into who I really am. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

1. one 1/2 full bottle of water
2. one 7/8 full bottle of water
3. one 3/4 full bottle of water
4. lamp
5. Book Boundaries with Teenagers

Anonymous said...

I had not realized until this moment how deprived I am. I do not have a nightstand drawer! There it is. I wrote it down. I do have a bedside table that is older than I am(no comments, please!). So, I can tell you about that. On the table I have one lamp, one page of sermon notes from my Texas son-in-law, who is a pastor, and left them here after speaking at our church at the request of my friend Vickie. I also have his business card that was requested by our friend, Ron, who I think wants it because he wants to go hunting in south Texas. I will take these two items to church on Sunday. In addition, I have a lovely jewely box given to me by K3. Last but not least is a lovely decorative box of tissues. Yesterday, it also held a library book, but it was due, so I had to get it back on time, which I did. The book was called: I am Chocolate and You are Vanilla. That's it. Thanks Kellie for sharing the contents of your bedside table drawer. Maybe I am not deprived afterall. At least, by not having one, I don't have to clean it out! Ya Hooooooo!!!

Love and hugs,
NC Mama

Kate said...

hmmm Well, I don't have a drawer, but my table has a cd alarm clock which is a half hour ahead, a kitty cat lamp, natural meds (healing the right way), one of those tank things of know - holds all the water you need for a day. Now my bed...that's a different story...I have three remotes, Book: Breaking Free, Book: Sociology, class notebook, pen, and a toy mouse my cat insists on sleeping with. All the stuff that won't fit on my

Kellie said...

Thanks for sharing your night table with me! I thought it was fun! I may have to flip a coin for the postcards since I am so proud that each of you were brave enough to share!

And hello Kate! How fun it was to see a comment from someone new. Welcome to La Vida Dulce!