Saturday, June 09, 2007


I have been so excited to show you the "after" pictures of The New House, but I had been waiting until everything was unpacked to do it. But I just can't wait. So here are the two most lived in rooms. The kitchen and family room.

I was so nervous about having to pick carpet, tile, and paint in 3 short days. So much so that I seriously contemplated flying in my personal interior decorator ( and dearest friend!), Jen with one N. But I pulled myself up by my boot straps and, if I don't say so myself, I think it turned out all right.

You can look at the before pics here. I will post more "afters" as the days roll by.

Happy Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great, Kellie. Excellent taste as always!
I looked up your new place on Google Earth -- I'm quite disappointed because it doesn't look very tent friendly :-)(Not that I'm sure tenting and the types of critters hanging out in your part of the country go very well together.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kellie,
Didn't even realize that I could make comments! My up to date daughters informed me I could, so here I am. The house looks great - love all the light in the family room.

Am proud of you for tossing the shoes! I am working on that sort of thing, too. I don't have ballet shoes, but I must admit I have baby shoes from 3 daughters. At least I don't have the ones from my grown up adopted daughters of which you are my 4th K!!

Love you and still missing you!
Your NC mama

Anonymous said...

Your new home looks very inviting. I'll be right over.... I especially appreciate the no clutter look! I have been doing some major decluttering lately, maybe I'll send you some pics when I'm done. Just don't hold your breathe waiting for them! :)

Blue Skies said...

looks great Kellie. The layout reminds me of our house in Fort Worth. Especially the kitchen and nook area. I'm amazed that you got all that changed so quickly!

Lara said...

Next door to a compulsive declutter is my favorite place to I got three years worth of Real Simple for FREE!!! You just can't be too concerned about being cutting edge! :)

Kellie said...

Blue Skies,

that entry may have led to the impression that I actually had that all done in three days! Well, I'm not any where near that good! I had to make a choices in colors and styles, etc. and then it took almost a month to have it all installed and put together! Which is still pretty short when you think about it!

And K1, yes, too many critters! BUt there is plenty of room come on over!