Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The 5 K's

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In honor of my Carolina Girls, who called me last night right before a very fun Woman's ministry event that has always been close to my heart, I am posting a picture of:

NC Mama and her 5K's

In this picture we are not in order. From your left, is K5, K3, NC Mama, K1, K2, and me, K4.
We are the only set of quintuplets in the nation that were born in different years and different states. Yes, all our names start with a K.

I did not get the "wear pastels" memo for this photo op.

But no one cared.

Miss you gals!


Anonymous said...

Wow, K4! Todays blog was a shocker to say the least. What a great picture of my 5 K's. It was totally appropriate for you to be dressed in black and white, as that attire commands respect and, of course, you are our fearless leader whether here or there.

We had a great time last night, but we did miss you. You would have been proud of K2 as she stepped into your shoes to lead all us fun loving girls. We honored you by serving Peanut M@Ms, as no party is a party without chocolate. Monique shared her story with us and she did a fantastic job.

Just thought you should know that I am collecting M's now. I have M1 and M2. They don't replace my K's - just a nice addition to the family.

Love you, too!
NC Mama

Anonymous said...

Miss you, too! Tell A that M hasn't been home long enough to write him back with VBS and other things going on around here -- but I'll see if I can get him to the computer tomorrow.

Glad to know you're still "with us" in spirit :-)