Tuesday, February 27, 2007

From Kona (The Dog)

Dear Fellow Readers,

Last time I wrote it was quite some time ago and I was in a bit of trouble with the Alpha Dog. Yesterday I thought that they had decided to get rid of me for good. Although I had done nothing to provoke such treatment!

Yes, yesterday was quite stressful for me. My sweet rescuer from the horrors of life-at-the-pound, put me in the kennel, drove me to the airport and placed me on a flight bound for the west. I was really frightened at first when I realized that I was not traveling 1st class but my fright quickly turned to annoyance when it became apparent that my problem was not the lack of a mid-flight snack but the noisy feline that was my seat mate.

After two connections (and nine hours) I arrived in a sunny place. I was again placed in another car and taken to a home where a plump white terrier has had the nerve to befriend me.

The good news about my day is that the weather was perfect so I was very comfortable during the flight. However, not nearly as comfortable as I sit right now. While I sit poolside the current temperature is a beautiful 75 degrees. I had been lying in the sun sipping some freshly squeezed orange juice (it's very important to stay hydrated in the desert) and chewing a rawhide bone, but I decided I better get in the shade, lest I invite too many of those wrinkles caused by excessive sunbathing.

The Alpha Dog and his Wife at this house are very nice. They are familiar to me, but I am not sure why. The treats here are far superior than back at home and they have a doggy door...which is very convenient.

Now all I have to do is wait for my family to make their way west so they can see how happy I am. I hope they take notice of the treatment I am getting here. I over heard the Alpha Dogs Wife telling someone over the phone that I am "starved for affection." But just between you and me, the truth is I am needy and high maintenance, but I am really, really cute.

Well, I must run. It is very hard to type when you don't have fingers and I am getting quite tired. Plus, my groomer is going to be here in a few moments and I think I may have doggy breath.

Until next time...


PS: A shout out to Truck (the Big Black Lab) in MI. I miss you big guy! ;)


meh said...

Dear Kona,

Sweet deal you have, doggy door and all! I personally am also an inside dog but my humans don't understand that. They pretty much neglect me! Someone should call animal control. But there is something to be said for rolling in snow as opposed to, well, other things.

Don't get your nose sunburned!