Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Easy Bake Monster

A mother has her limits. I couldn't take the prepackaged dessert mixes anymore. I. Just. Couldn't. Take. It.

I figured that there had to be some resourceful mom out there in cyber space who had come up with small batch recipes for this crazy oven. Surely, I am not the only mother who doesn't want to waste precious daily calorie intake with the likes of Easy Bake Brownies, who knows what that stuff really is? If I am going to eat cookies and cake all day I want it to taste good.

I could have taken a recipe of my own and cut it down and tried to figure out the fractions, and baking times, and all that but why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to? Plus, y'all, I have many talents, but just between you and me, math isn't really one of them.

I found several recipes online and The Girl has proceeded to bake Snow Mounds, Cinnamon cake, and Thumb Print cookies.

Now she's on a new mission. Everyday she asks me if she can take the things she bakes over to the neighbors. I am aware she has learned this from me. I have always made baked goods for my neighbors. And by the way, those Atkins Years, when all my neighbors decided carbs were evil, just about killed me. No carbs? You gotta be kidding me?

But anyway...The Girl is completely befuddled. Don't I want to know our neighbors? Yes! Yes, I want to get to know the neighbors but I'm not quite ready to make the baked goods leap yet. Bringing over baked goods is a commitment. You know?
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Lara said...

We mothers are amazing for coming up with excuses for NOT doing what our kids want! COMMITMENT? OH REALLY!