Thursday, June 07, 2007

Letting Go

As I unpack it becomes more and more clear that we have a lot of stuff! I threw out bags and bags of garbage and hauled give-aways to the Salvation Army on a weekly basis when we were preparing to move. Apparently I was still very attached to that sweater I bought at The Limited in 1989, but it's time to let go. That and the fact that it is too hot for sweaters.

There are things that I have moved 6 times since the Mister and I married 12 years ago. One of the more nostalgic items are my dance shoes. Pictured above are three (and 1/2?) pair that have taken up permanent residence in my closets across the country. I had several other pairs that were pitched as the years went on, but this is what was left. Three and a half too many. Especially since these ole tender feet aren't much for dancing en pointe these days. Plus, the only time I ever look at these things is when I move!

Today, they are being pitched. Well, except one pair that I might use for wall decoration in The Girl's room.

But then again, maybe not. Letting go feels really good.
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