Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Real Quick

I have to hurry because my carpool to the away Swim meet is on her way but I had to blog for just a moment...

It is 101 degrees and I am about to spend 4 hours pool side in a city an hour away.

Today has not been the best of days, but then again it isn't the worst either. I had a little mishap with the baking powder while making banana bread.

And I am feeling a little NC homesickness because my girls called while preparing for the first Summer Salad Supper of the season! Which is awesome because they are so fun, and horrible...because I AM NOT THERE!

OK, I'll fess up! The real reason why I am grumpy is that I tweezed not one. Not Two. BUt 7 whiskers from my chin today!!!


Lara said...

TMI honey TMI :)JK :)