Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First Blog From New House

Hurray! As I type the carpet guys are installing carpet. While they were hauling off old carpet I got the old computer set up and ready to use in the new house...

This is the first blog from the new house.

I am a bit antsy because there is so much to do that cannot be done until the "workers' (as the kids say) are out of the house. In order to kill some time, and also be productive, I thought I would blog a bit and tell you how this day started.

First I couldn't sleep last night. I kept tossing and turning anticipating all the work that has to be done. And then worrying because I need sleep to be productive! Oye vey!

Then when I did finally sleep I had a crazy dream that I got on line to check my blog and there were 20 Comments on yesterdays post! I got so excited that I woke myself up and looked at the empty desk space that once housed my computer. The Mister had packed up the computer late last night and hauled it away. So then it was 4:20am and not only was disappointed that I couldn't check if the dream was, in fact, reality, but then I became aware that I was once again wide awake. I decided to make myself just lay in bed for about 45 minutes because the automatic coffee timer on the coffee pot doesn't make coffee until 5:15 anyway. And getting up to actually manually turn it on would be too much hassle...plus then I would be fully awake and have to wait for coffee. It's better to just lay in the warm bed and try to rest.

After my coffee (and checking the blog in my Mom's office; a couple comments, but no where near 20. Bummer) I decided I should go for a run and try to run off some of the nervous energy keeping me awake at night.

Running in the desert feels good at 6:00am. But by 6:45 it is TOO DARN HOT!

I ran into a loose Siberian Husky dog with mis-match eyes. That was a bit scary. I immediately stopped running and put my hand out for him to sniff out the fact that I am a nice lady who hates seeing big unsupervised dogs while running. He decided that I wasn't quite the breakfast he had in mind...but he thought about it. I just know he did.


meh said...

You are very lucky, my dear. Of course, dog's with mismatched eyes make it easier to not get bitten because you don't know which eye to look at so you don't make extended eye contact which might threaten the dog. Whatever! Glad your blogging from your very own casa.

Kellie said...

You so need a blog. You make me laugh.