Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bunny Proposal

I will admit that I tend to have a soft spot for animals.

It's not a crazy-I'll-go-out-and-lay-my-body-in-the-middle-of-a-busy-street-for-four-legged-furry-people type of love. It's more like a I-can't-say-no-when-I-really-should kind of love.

Even my father pulled The Mister aside before we were to be married and warned him to "Watch out. She is a keeper of all strays."

I'll admit, that's true.

Growing up I brought home several dogs, a couple of cats, a mouse (which ended in an unfortunate event when he escaped his cage and was found one very early morning as he ran across my Dad's sleeping head. For the record, the mouse lived, but it was touch-n-go for me for awhile...).

Oh, and OK, I'll admit that it didn't always work out, like that time in the late fall of my senior year of high school when I brought home a Japanese Exchange student, who had been kicked-out by her host family...but that's another story.

If I like animals, my daughter is passionate about them (my mother would call this passion: pay-back.)

This is the same child who at the age of 6 came with me one morning to teach a pre-school music class. She pulled me aside to inform me that "Bringing Home the Baby Bumblebee" was not an appropriate song to be teaching children. After all, the bee does not fair well in the end. In fact, he gets squashed and wiped on ones pant legs--which is the REAL tragedy: more laundry for mom.

Those of you have been reading for awhile know that The Girl had a puppy (Sophie) for nearly nine months that didn't work out (at no fault of The Girl's). She has grieved over that puppy.

A couple months ago, she said she was ready to try another pet, she thought she might like a rabbit.

Since I tend to look at every opportunity as a "teachable moment" I told her to research rabbits... while I  approached The Mister about adding to our family allowing The Girl to get a new pet.

Thus The Bunny Proposal was born:

As you can see, we The Girl was given approval. So we she moved forward in the bunny process.

Yesterday we purchased what I originally thought was a bunny condo, but found upon construction that its actually an Italian villa; as the instructions came in Italian only. (I got it for over 60% off because it had a crack in one of the non-essential pieces. There is nothing like ocean front property at suburban prices.)

(The stuffed bunny was placed for full effect.)

This week has been a tough one for me personally. So the excitement of this new adventure in pet-keeping is a welcome reprieve.

My new furry bundle, (ahem), The Girl's bunny comes home tonight...

Happy Thursday!


Tanya said...

Precious!! I love her logic.

O Mom said...

You are the best Mommy! Sorry it's a tough week, but nothing like cute furry goodness to distract. :)

Carpool Queen said...

We, the Casa de Carpool, will come and visit.

We will bring the bunny some carrots.

We will pet him.

We will then leave him and come home to our stinky frogs.

Kristin said...

oh, you're a better momma than I! Maybe you'll get some bunny snuggles and the week will seem a little better :)

Anonymous said...

Great proposal! Bunny cage looks like the porshe of bunny cages! Can't wait to "see" the bunny.. Does The Girl have any names picked out?

Charity said...

I'm impressed with that outline that she wrote :)
I want to come and visit the little bunny sometime.. I always wanted one when I was a kid.. haha!

Woman Interrupted said...

Uh oh...we have a three pet limit in our house or my animal-loving half would run wild!

Good luck with the new bunny. They sure are cute and it will make for excellent Easter pictures.

Hillcrest Cottage said...

Bunnies are awesome. I have had a lot in my childhood, in my adult life and also in my children's childhoods.I guess you could say I have created many excuses to have a bunny!
They are very easy to care long as you remember these rules:
1.Always keep water bottle full
2.Baby bunnies should not eat veggies...just proper bunny pellets until they get older
3.NEVER allow them to be exposed (like while in their cage outside getting fresh air)to direct sunlight. They are very fragile in the heat stroke department.
I love bunnies and I hope your girl will, too!Happy bunny parenting!

Candace said...

I can't wait to see how this turns out! LOVE the proposal!!!

Sandy said...

You'll have to bring your bunny to visit NEM's bunny... unless one is a boy & one is a girl...

Gretchen said...

Girl, I can totally empathize.

I won't show Luna your cage, nor tell her that it is INSIDE your daughter's bedroom.

Gretchen said...

I just could squeeze that girl! I think she just might want to be a military negotiator or something...She could get anything by me.