Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sugar and Yarn


Life here at the LaVida house is full, but good.

I thought I would just show you a little bit of what I have been doing in my office:

Working on an baby afghan for a friend.

Making some calorie-free cupcakes (pincushions):

And filling monogram orders (oops!, forgot to take pics of those!)

Today and tomorrow I will be working on a cake for a baby shower this weekend. It's a tea-themed shower and I'm excited to try a new cake design, and super excited to celebrate a new baby!

I am looking forward to spending a good chunk of time in my office this summer crafting and creating. There is so much to do, and so little time!

Oh and one more thing....many of you have asked about CowTales. I was introduced to CowTales last August when the Island Girls met on Whidbey Island.

If you haven't had one of these, and you are a caramel lover, go get some, they are de-lish.

Also, since I can't seem to stop typing this morning, head over to this blog that is all about candy.  I love to read his candy reviews. (Have aI ever mentioned here that I have a small sweet tooth? All right it's more like a large molar, but anyway...) After reading this post I have been trying to get my hands on these gourmet gum drops, but Whole Foods has been completely sold out.

My dentist is so sad.

All right, I have to run, but tell me: What is your favorite candy? No sweet tooth? What do you eat for a "treat"?


Gretchen said...

Oh, I think i had forgotten about your introduction to CowTails! We have more, please come get yours.

We desperately need a phone call, so I can tell you live how adorable those baby granny squares are, and ask you how to make them.

And I lurve that you lurve candy. It's just another platernal thing about you and me.

P.S. Congrats on a wunnerful year of home schooling under your belt!

Kristin said...

I like hershey bars with almonds, or Dove dark chocolate bars. After that, Heath bars, KitKat, junior mints and dark chocolate raisinettes!

Foster & Adoptive Parenting said...

Look at you and your pin cushion cupcakes! Those are adorable!

It's funny you ask about favorite sweets...I feel like all my updates on twitter and facebook have been about my love for the coconut M&Ms and the new pretzel ones.:)

Favorite candy bar? Take-5

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark chocolate covered pretzels.

I could probably go on but I'll spare you my book on what sweets I like.

Have a delicious day!

LJ said...

The granny squares are so adorable. I have been working on a zig zag baby afgan myself. I have a major sweet tooth too. I love home-baked goodies - cakes and pies especially! I'll take cocnut pie over a candy bar any day.

P.S. Check out it is a site for dyslexia that we created at Tina's request. We're blogging now! Imagine that - redneck bloggers who can't spelll!

stephanie j. said...

I love the colors of your granny-ghan... I have 3 WIPs right now: two never-ending grannies (one for each girl) and a shells-pattern afghan for baby who is coming in the fall across the street. I have two more in queue. babies babies babies.

Favorite candy? Currently I'm on a Good and Plenty kick. I love those Sunkist Gems (hard to find, though...I think Trader Joe's has something close). Chocolate is always good -- especially the "Bordeaux" variety at See's.

Anonymous said...

oohh that blanket is adorable! Pin cushion cupcake is super cute!! Can't wait to see the cake! Cow tail lover over here!!

Kendra said...

Those are the cutest pincushions!

I just can't pin down my favorite candy easily. Any that I'm eating is good! I love chewy, sour, crunchy, chocolate. Love it all, which is my problem!

Sandy said...

Love Heath bars, dark chocolate, "good" salt water taffy (there's a candy store in Beaufort, SC that has the best!), oh anything sweet! That's why I'm starting my weight loss program... but Slim Fast has some really good bars that are a fine substitute (especially the peanut butter/chocolate covered ones!)

Amy said...

Wow! You're cranking out the crochet! My favorite sweets are plain dark chocolate and coffee ice cream.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

My favorite candy is hot tamales. But I also love pecan pralines.

I love your cupcake pin cushions. SO cute.

Elizabeth said...

You asked this pregnant girl the wrong question! I'm not a big candy lover (except for Hot Tamales or Raisinets), but sweets are my thing. Last night it was Krispy Kreme donuts and the night before it was s'mores. I'm craving lots of chocolate and cookies. It's gotten bad the last month!

The pin cushions are a hit!

Jen said...

I love, love, LOVE anything caramel. But alas, I am on a diet and my treat of choice these days is a sugar free root beer over crushed ice. I indulge once a day, usually in the late afternoon.
Sigh. It sort of sucks being fat.