Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Writing for Free Stuff

I'm at a loss for good content today.

How about a little free-writing.

You, not me.

Here is your question (borrowed from BraveWriter April 2010-Archives):

Tell me in 15 words or less....

What was the longest time you waited for someone or something? Why did you wait?

Come on, I know you wanna play. Maybe I'll even throw in a giveaway prize.

How about a cupcake crochet pin cushion? applique hand towel?

You can double you chances and enter twice if you link this post on your blog or send a link on Twitter.

Be sure to let me know your prize preference in your comment.
Comments will be open until tomorrow (June 22) @ noon.
(Must be within the US and Canada, and have a valid email address to win!)


June Gardens said...

I waited 33 years for a decent man because there were none. Does that count?

Pin cushion, please!

Anonymous said...

ooo how fun! I would love one of those pin cushions! Here is mine:

Parents, they forgot me at gymnastics, I was nine and waited outside at night, alone, crying!

Amy said...

I waited until college graduation for a car of my own. Why? No money.

A longer wait was the wait for children. I waited many years to be a mom.

Since I haven't gotten my crochet act together, I would especially enjoy a pincushion.

Erica Chorosevic said...

9 days for an 11.5 pound baby because the doctor didn't believe I was ready.

Tanya said...

I waited two years to get a new camera. I waited because my last camera was a little expensive and quickly got sand in it. Waiting (and suffering through the use of an inferior camera) was my penance for not being more careful. :)

Tracey said...

I've waited for 8 years and counting for a new deck. Why? There's always something more important to spend the money on...the past two years it's been orthodontia.

Love the pin cushion..very much!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Waited 18 weeks for all-day-sickness to subside. Times 3. 'Twas worth it though.

adrienne said...

Oh my word! Really?! I waited through NINE years with a boyfriend that I knew I wouldn't marry but for some reason just couldn't break up with---at least for good. He worked at a great law firm that I wanted to work at as well. He always said no. Finally, one day there was a great position open and he said yes. And that's where I met my husband!!!!! Right off the bat too! I left after I had my first baby, but they both worked together for the next 10 years!! Still send Christmas cards. God had a plan!!!

Candace said...

The wait for my baby girl to come seemed interminable. Forty one weeks of pregnancy, 24 hours of labor... she just didn't want to come out. Actually, this seems to be a theme of my pregnancies: waiting.

His Girl said...

see what I get for waiting to read the posts in my reader?

not a cute cupcake pincushion, that's what.

glad to be catching up anyway, amiga.