Friday, June 11, 2010

Poolside Post: Fridays and Chainsaws

"What day is it?"

The first four words out of my mouth this morning.

I was amazed when The Mister said it was Friday.

This week flew by.

Currently, I am sitting poolside listening to the happy sounds of many, many children enjoying the pool. The smell of chlorine and sunscreen hangs heavily in the humid air.

There is something about the sun hitting my back (and that cool breeze that whips up every so often) that just feels weekend-y.

Speaking of weekends, we have an exciting one planned.

We are going to clean our gutters.


We actually have pine trees growing in our gutters. We think that may be an indicator that they need some attention.

The Mister purchased himself a mack-daddy ladder last month, and my job description for this weekend is to "supervise and make sure there are no on-the-job injuries."

Also known as: "holding the ladder."

I am not going to mention that I thought we should hire this job out. Nor will I mention that we live in a two story house that is very high.

I am confident that The Mister will do a fine job, it's just that... well you know... it's a two story house with pine trees growing out of it, and for some reason I tend to turn into a hovering nag when my husband does dangerous stuff.

He seems to like the danger of cutting down 80ft trees that have beetle rot, or building tree houses that require him to use a chain saw while climbing on a home made scaffolding.

Men. They are such weird and wonderful creatures. I can't understand this need for danger.

Of course, he can't understand why I need more than eight handbags, and honestly I cant explain that one either. Its just the way it is...

I'm fairly certain the gutter clean-out will not require a chain saw, which brings me comfort, but my man likes that chain saw just about as much as he likes me, so you never know....

Happy Friday!


His Girl said...

Men. They are such weird and wonderful creatures.


may your gutters be clean and your mister be in one piece when this is all over.


Anonymous said...

At least you will have a good view.. Not that I would know.. but I would think if it was me holding the ladder for my husband.. it would be a good view ;-) Hopefully everything goes smoothly! Dip your toes in for me! I am hosting a sleep over for my 12 year old SIL tonight (hold me!) it should be fun!

Sandy said...

Every time my Mr. asks me to hold the ladder, I giggle & ask, "And what am I supposed to do if you (about twice my size) start to fall? Catch you?!" He says, "No, but you will be there to call 911..."

Amy said...

Stay safe! That's a job that my husband refuses to do.

Gretchen said...

Mercy. You know how to have fun!