Monday, June 14, 2010

Out of the Gutter


We have clean gutters.

Although I have to say, I thought this added a sweet and decorative element to our humble abode:

The Mister did a fine job. The hardest part was moving that crazy ladder. We almost broke two windows in the process, but all is well that ends well.
I survived standing in the bushes where wasps and snakes live.

At one point I said, "What am I supposed to do if this ladder starts to tip over?"

"Get out of the way and pray" was his answer.

I didn't just hold ladders this weekend, I also was able to pick veggies from my garden:

JalepeƱos, cucumber, chive, sweet pea, basil and a tomato (that wasn't quite ripe but had been broken off by a careless farmer during the watering process.)

I also finished my first crocheted afghan:

(Truth be told I finished this the beginning of last week, but I wanted to give it to the baby-mama before posting.)

Mondays are always filled with weekend clean up so I am thinking about making my Monday posts short and ending  with "links".

Here are the links for this Monday....

You can get your mind out of the gutter with this post: Getting Wise and Empowered - Finding Balance

You can remember that we no longer have to live in the gutter with this post: Guilty - Lift My Noise

And in anticipation of Father's Day...this one has no bearing on the "Gutter" theme but it IS fun to do with the kids:

 Formal Greeting Card - Family Fun

Happy Monday!


His Girl said...

this ""Get out of the way and pray" was his answer." made me snicker.

thought it wouldn't have been funny if you actually had to do it.

I love how productive you are- totally inspiring!

Anonymous said...

whew way to go cleaning the gutters! Love the response to the what to do if it starts to fall.. so comforting ;-). I need to get some spring cleaning done.. I'm thinking do it this week since next week is VBS and I can sit at the bookstore for half the day ;-) *wink*!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...these men!! I have stopped saying "be safe" to D as he heads out on the trails...I got tired of his eye rolls and have a sneaking suspicion it doesn't do any good anyways. And D3 and M are just like their daddy.

So fun to catch up on your blog this morning. It has been too long! Hugs to the family from ours!!!

Sandy said...

You are a MUCH better farmer than me! My "crop" this year is pitiful. I think I'd like to try the elevated garden next year...
Why is it that husbands think a little wife could "catch" them if they fell????? I like the response from yours!

Jolanthe said... got rid of the decorative touch? that response of 'get out of the way and pray' made me laugh out loud.

All too true!

Jealous you already are harvesting!!! Ours are coming far basil only. ;)

Gretchen said...

I'm almost craving a salad now after seeing all those beautiful veggies. Almost.