Wednesday, June 16, 2010

While I Can

~I woke up this morning to a very early thunderstorm...and a ten year old Girl in my bed.

She wasn't really afraid.

She just likes any opportunity to climb in bed with me.

There will be a day when she won't do that anymore.

So I'll take it when I can.

~ The Boy ran errands with me last week.

While walking through the parking lot that twelve year old took my hand.

He wasn't worried about being seen by his peers, or feeling that weird pre-teen ambivalence.

There'll be a day when he won't do that anymore.

So I'll take it when I can.

~ The Girl asked her Daddy if she would push her on the swing.

He was tired and it was muggy outside. The mosquitos were in full force.

But he looked at me and said, "There'll come a day when she won't want me to push her.

So I'll take it when I can."

~ I spent so much time looking forward to the day when they would walk, and talk, and play, and learn, and love.

Its here.

And its not enough.

So I'll laugh, and listen, and linger.

I'll pray...pray I don't let too many opportunities to spend time with them pass me by.

Cuz there will be a day when we can't do that as easily anymore... I'll take it when I can.

The secret to happiness is not in having what you want,
but in wanting what you have.
~Barclay Goldmsith


Gretchen said...

Thanks for the pause, my friend. That's why we go out in windy, rainy weather and make that fort each year. One year, they won't want to.

And then they can put me away, for my heart might just crack. I'll save you a spot.

Beautifully written.

Rebecca said...

I love this. The little moments are the best.

Candace said...


Jen said...

Holy you're-reading-my-mind, Batman...

I've been so caught up in moving and packing and "getting stuff done" that I have missed all those little moments.

I thought of it last night when I sat at my 8 year old's ball game and saw him make the best hit of his life and realized I'd complained about going. I'd complained that I had too much to do, that it was too hot, and that my head hurt too bad.

But I went because I felt guilty.

And I'm so glad I did.

Laura said...

Love it but why is it so hard sometimes? My anger and mostly saddness of how my dad treats me gets in my way of living those moments with my children. Why?

Oh, Jesus let me move on.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm savoring the now...because yes, that day will come and it makes me sad to think about it.

Unknown said...

Lovely...thank you for reminding me! With one going in to middle school, one going in to high school and one ready to apply for nursing school...I have to be reminded to focus on all of the special moments and not let them pass by.
Thank you for your post!
Also...thank you for the encouragement on my blog! I appreciate it so much. much!

Tracey said...

Beautiful. Time moves so quickly...

Anonymous said...

Great post Kellie! It is so hard but I am trying to savor these moments!!

Sandy said...

It is SO true!!! Treasure those moments! My son (now 32) would put his arm around me or take hold of my hand walking down the mall when he was in high school.. no embarrassment. I held my breath wondering when it would end, but it still hasn't!

Sandy said...

For Laura (couldn't get to her blog): my DH told me when our daughter was about 3 that I couldn't change how my mom treated me, but I could start building a relationship w/my daughter so I could have w/her as an adult what I so wanted w/my mom. And he was right! Now I have a great relationship w/my daughter, her husband, & their 3 children! Work on what YOU can change instead of grieving over what you can't. Jesus really can & will help you do it.

Rachel said...

Love this! Great reminder!