Friday, June 25, 2010

Mess You Up In My Love

I'm sitting in the service department of our local car dealership.

Madonna's singing away on the overhead system.

She's gonna mess someone up with her love.

She doesn't know messed up.

Messed-up is sitting in a lobby with 15 other early birds trying to get the oil in the mini-van changed before the rush of the day.

Have I mentioned that it is just after seven in the morning?

And my coffee hasn't quite kicked in.

The good news is this is all in preparation for a big trip we are taking soon and so it's worth all this messed up, bed-head, pillow-markings on the forehead, early morning, love.

This week was not messed up, it was uber-productive (hence the lack of posts.)

Not that blogging isn't productive, its just a different kind of productive....but I digress.

This week I completely overhauled the schoolroom, organized all the curricula from the past two years and got them ready to sell. Then I ordered next years curriculum and many, many books. We are studying ancient history and I am just as excited as the kids,

I managed to get the school room all ready for summer, which includes breaking down anything that makes my formal dining room look like a school room, because as much I enjoy teaching my kids, its nice to not have to look at a classroom for a couple months.

Just as we put away the white boards and the last of the supplies, there was a knock at the door.

It was the UPS man delivering three big boxes full of books.

That moment might be my favorite part if the year. Its like Christmas in June!

So much for making the room look non-schoolish. Homeschool is a lot like parenting, I really want to think about other things in the summer, but you can't always just 'put it away.' It's always there in some form or the other.

Anyway, back at the dealership.....

I think my coffee is starting to work....beginning to feel normal. More human, less, well, comatose.

Lets see what other stuff can I tell you that you wouldn't be complete without knowing?

Last night I groomed Kona the Wondermutt, as in used the clippers on her because she will not behave at a real groomers (she got kicked out at the last two grooming shops because she tried to bite them) and then I gave her a bath.

She never tries to bite me, but her haircuts look a lot like a small child took scissors to her beautiful coat.

I bought some vanilla smelling, oatmeal dog shampoo, but she still just smelled like wet dog when she was finished.

I hope she isn't messed up by my grooming love....luckily she doesn't have a mirror.

All right, it looks like my car will be ready shortly, so I'll log off. I hope you have a great weekend and you enjoy your weekend love!


The Lord Family said...

I love this post!
And yes, ordering curriculum is so much fun. I have to remind myself of that in February though!!

Have a fun trip!

His Girl said...

this post accomplished two things: made me giggle & made me miss you.

Gretchen said...

I second His Girl's comments. Lurve old "like a virgin" era Madonna. If you need any ancient history commentators or virtual field trips, you know our phone nbr. The history professor is playing an ancient Rome strategy game, as I type. ;-)

stephanie j. said...

We had an early morning appointment today, too...the house painter arrived at 7:00 am... I have had coffee, but no food. Now i"m feeling icky.

Anonymous said...

oo yay for getting ready for big trip! Yay for new curriculum! What are you using? Tipsy is in need of a grooming as well. I can hear her walking on the carpet as her claws get stuck :-P

Sandy said...

You have been a busy gal! And I am impressed.... waiting on an oil change at 7 AM?!!!!
Hope you have a great trip!

His Girl said...

Okay, I have a funny for you:

I have been humming this song since I read this post, and this morning while cooking b'fast, I starting to sing it out loud.

"Mess you up in my looooo....

wait a minute!

Isn't it DRESS you up in my love?"

so I googled the lyrics, and sure enough...

*smacks forehead*

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Oh Kellie. Somehow you must have missed the Madonna video to the "DRESS you up in my love" song. Because it's all dressin' and no messin', honey. But you made me laugh. Hope you had a GREAT trip. Can't wait to hear about it.

OH, and I had dinner with Sus tonight. Wish you had been there too. :-)