Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Time Fun

There are many things I love about living in a place with four distinctive seasons.

But one of my favorite activities of the fall-time is to take my kids trick-or-treating.

Growing up my Dad would take us out on Halloween and my Mom would stay at home and pass out candy. She still enjoys being prepared for the passing out of candy.

Since I grew up in the desert, there were only a handful of times that I had to worry about being cold.

I'll never forget that year back in the late 80's when my youngest brother was a California Raisen for Halloween. His costume was a brownish-black garbage bag, some white gloves, and a pair of dark sunglasses. It was awesome!

My Dad, being an artist and quite creative, could whip up awesome costumes with things we had on hand in the house.

All that to say, The Raisin looked great, but by the end of the night he was so warm under all that plastic he was glad to take it off.

I was reminded of this two years ago when we were stationed in Almost Mexico (a phrase stolen from Stephanie J!). I took the kids out to trick-or-treat while wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

You can imagine the contrast when I experienced my first Halloween here in North Carolina. I walked in a neighborhood with real leaves crunching under my feet, the chill air blowing gently on my face. The kids were in costumes on top of many layers of clothing. But what surprised me most of all was the smell of fall in the air.

I was shocked that the air actually smelled of fall-time. I love that....

Seriously, its like the books I read when I was young...only I get to walk within the pages. Amazing.

What is you favorite part of the fall season. If fall is not your thing: what was your favorite costume as a kid?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I haven't had the chance to write this morning because my life is so very, very difficult.

First, Clinton the Embroidery Machine and I have been working on a secret project that cannot be revealed.

Of course it will be revealed in its time, because really? What do I ever make that I don't share with y'all?

Do you remember last year when I made this (go a ahead and click over there...its short, I'll wait)......

.....Well, seems my "spelling issues" are not confined to fiber art of the felt kind.

Clinton the Embroidery Machine does everything for me. Well, everything except check my spelling.

I am still riding the learning curve on this wonder-machine, but seam ripping of embroidery letters is not the same as seam ripping a hem, I'm just saying.

Second (ly?), I'm very busy today supervising my Fix-It Man. Its a difficult job but I am glad to do it. I have to keep my eye on him because he's so dang cute in his Clint Eastwood shirt.

In fact, he is so easy on my eyes that I have a long list of things that need to be "fixed" around here-- insuring his sticking around awhile. Well, at least until next Monday when he has to go back to his day job. 

I am going to be so sad on Monday...but that's four days from now, so lets not talk about it...

am looking forward to tonight. I was going to watch my DVR'd Glee, but apparently some baseball game was on instead? Go figure.

Instead, the Fix-It Man (and the kids) have requested I make Alton Brown's Pound Cake for dessert tonight so I guess I'll do that, and catch up on a weeks worth of blog reading. Which is a lot like getting to go over to friends house for a quick visit...looking forward to that!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Wednesday Questions

(Swiped from Jewels in My Crown Someday , because I am at a total loss of something to say!)

1.. What's the last state you visited other than your own? Whidbey Island, WA...Yay! Island Girls!

2. What's your middle name? Lillian, after my maternal Grandmother's middle name.

3. What is something you don't like...even though everyone else seems to? (I hate to even type the bad, bad "M" word) Mayonaisse

4. What's the first costume you remember dressing up in for Halloween? Princess Leia---the super cool plastic one with the formed plastic face mask with elastic string!

5. Have you ever played a sport? Yes, Ballet. No just kidding...I know (now) that dance is not a "sport". But I was never good at sports as a kid....actually I was too busy being girly to worry about sports.

6. What is a talent you have that people might not know about? Hmmm....that is hard. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue? Oh! and i can sing every word to nearly every Barbra Striesand song.  I LOVE me some Yentl.

7. What's the last thing that made you laugh out loud? Last night at ladies bible study our friend Sandra made us all laugh like crazy!

8. Are you an oldest, middle, or youngest child? I'm the oldest.

9. What's the best thing you've had someone say to you lately? Just now I got a text saying I was a good compliment in the world. Its hard to be a good friend and I know I am not always successful.

10. What are you wearing right now? Black pants and Pink shirt with my fuzzy purple jacket...I'm freezing!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Sign I Can Stand Under

I was telling the Carolina Gals this weekend that I've had a rant inside this heart of mine, but this very public place might not be where I need to vent.

You see, I have a pet-peeve that can get my blood boiling in about 2 seconds: Pithy church signs.

Now, I don't mind if that church sign has the catchy title of the Pastors sermon or if there is a scripture verse that is short and sweet. I don't even mind short sayings that show the length and breadth and width of God's love for us, as long as that sign doesn't smack of self-righteous elitism that isn't at all God-breathed.

Why does this make me uncomfortable?

There was a time almost 20 years ago that I was wouldn't have entered the door of a church that had a self-righteous church sign out on the street.

That may sound harsh, but its true.

Down the road from our house there is a church that always seems to have caustic sayings on their church sign. The one that really burned me up was this recent saying:  If the church were perfect, YOU couldn't belong.

Oh that Kellie, you may be saying, she's so sensitive.

The truth is, I am a Christian, and I believe words are important.

I'd feel better if that sign read: If the church were perfect:... none of us would be here.... or, we wouldn't need God or... we wouldn't need this sign.

Honestly, anything would have been better than this elitist statement.

God isn't an elitist.

God's love is for everyone.

I wasn't going to write this post. But yesterday, we loaded up in the mini-van and headed for a day trip to Alamance, NC to check out a couple of battle fields and to do some antique shopping.

We were driving on a country road when all of a sudden there was a beautiful church on a hill, surrounded by the fall colors of the changing trees, with a sign on the street that read:

I don't mind telling you I got a little weepy.

I've lived this truth.

This is a sign that everyone can read and identify with. It's simple and its strong.

Best of all, it's the Truth. It's truth in which every single person on this planet can relate. We all have troubles, we all are "torn up"--some through our own doing; some, the doings done to us.

Its a truth that says: we know you are brokenhearted, we know you aren't perfect, we know you've done things that aren't good, we know you've been burned by people you love, we know your confusion, we know your hurt, we know your shame, we know you desire to be loved. We know, cuz we've been there...but most importantly God knows. 

So come on in, and let Him tend to your torn up self.

That's a sign I can stand under.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

I felt a bit like Julie McCoy, standing by the door waiting to greet the strangers for a short cruise that I hoped wouldn't turn into a three-hour-tour, if you know what I mean.

I will admit, I was very nervous. I chugged a vanilla latte in the hour before to calm my nerves.

Bringing together 14 strangers you met on the internet can be tricky.

I wanted the place to be centrally located and conducive to 14 talkative ladies. (at least i hoped they would talk)

I wanted the room we were in to be pretty, a nice place for my new friends to relax and feel at east.

I wanted the food to be delicious, and to look good too, because I knew that things like this happen when you get bloggers together:

As director of this cruise, I wanted it to be a good night--worth the drive on a rainy night.

My worries were for nothing.....

The room was awesome--we ended up being the only ones in there! The food was great.

But y'all...these women were just so incredibly fun. 

Smart, beautiful, articulate, funny ladies. I'm proud to know them all.

The only thing I would change (if I could) was to have a round table so that I could talk to everyone a little bit more! Its a good excuse to set up some coffee time get-togethers.

Oh! and I wish I had taken more pictures. Here are the ones I have:

This is right after CPQ helped June out with her Boost-Your-Yays straps. June looks so happy cause now her girls are secure.

Speaking of June--Mom, I know this is all you care about.

And let me tell you (and any of June's readers who hear her complain about her hair and such...) June is beautiful. Hair and all.  And she isn't even paying me to say that.)

I felt a little star-struck when she walked in...but then she stuck her tongue out and complained about cat hair on her tongue and I realized--Its June! And she's a real person! And then I could act normal.

This is K2 our faithful reader for the evening. She needs to start a blog. (that was my attempt at subtlety)

This is Janel from Dandeliondayz . Been reading her blog for a couple years now. It was so fun to meet her because I found her blog shortly after we had moved from NC to AZ. I never thought we would meet because I never expected we would be moving back...and here we are!

You know what I really loved about this evening? Getting to see a bit more of CPQ's life outside the blog. Several of her friends are bloggers that she brags about from time to time. I met her Knitting Whisperer of Bambino Bliss, who is lovely and has the sweetest speaking voice. I met the mother of Squishy Baby , the little one who makes CPQ drool. I met Tracey , and she is as witty and wise as CPQ has always said she is....I met New Every Morning and her mama The Seasoned-Sister ...who shared bites of their dinner, and were both beautiful gals...

I wish I could tell you about everybody individually, but its the first day of Fall Break here at the La Vida Academy and I need to go spend some time directing the people of my own Love Boat.

Let me just quickly say, that I am already formulating a Bloggers Christmas Party in my head.

How does December 12 sound?

Or should we do a Valentines party instead, when the holiday season isn't so full? February 13th?

To my Carolina Gals, thank you for making this night a great success!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look Who I Get to Meet Today!

You may have guessed that I enjoy a party.

The party I have been anticipating for quite some time has finally come! Here is the guest list:

The CarpoolQueen

Life with the Lords

Bye Bye Pie

The NC Brownings

The Chubby Dove

KR & Company


New Every Morning


My Bambino Bliss

 and Seasoned-Sister

(And one faithful reader!)

Party recap to come!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy: A Birthday Recap

I know your ready for October to be finished so I can stop talking about my birthday.

But I just love it so much! What a happy day I had! I wish you each could have been there to enjoy the day with me. I'll post pictures so it will be as if you were.

First, I took the kids to the dentist and bought them the gift of cavities filled and molars pulled.

On our way home I stopped by a fantastic German bakery here in town and picked up my cake.

While I was there I picked up three of the largest (and tastiest) croissants I have ever seen.

I came home. Made milkshakes for the kids, who couldn't feel their lips; and made a fresh cup of Mudslide coffee and sat down to eat my croissant.

After we had finished our breakfast the kids wanted me to open the gifts they had bought and wrapped, all by themselves. This is precious to me and may require a post of its own, however, today I will just say this:

I love those two brown-headed babes more than I can even begin to tell you.

The kids and I then sat down for about an hour and finished the latest Nancy Drew PC Game, Warnings at Waverly Academy. (Love me some Nancy Drew PC Games, just so you know)

Then my friend K2 came over...

...with a pot full of my favorite Tortilla soup.

You'd think that coming over with lunch would be enough to show her love, but I have a confession to make.

I tested her love.

After she fed me birthday soup. I told her that it was my birthday and she had to do everything I wanted to do or she had to go home.

No! Just kidding!

I told her I wanted to introduce her to the Clinton the Embroidery Machine.

Introduce, meaning, I wanted her to sit-down-for-an-hour an watch me sew.

She passed the test, so I let her keep the hand-towel we made as a party favor.

Of course, your guest might find your sewing arrangement comical and sneak away to find the camera. In order to download certain patterns into Clinton I have to get closer to the computer, which may require the use of a piano bench and a child size chair.

Or maybe the camera just makes me look bigger than I am. You'll never know.

At this point there was a knock on the side door.

It was EW my running partner-- but most importantly, my dear friend-- coming over with a little gift she likes to call a Happy (this time is was Oreo Truffle's). Happy's are my favorite kind of gift.  I got several  this year: handmade washcloths, halloween socks, hand lotion, a Starbucks gift card, candles, just to name a few...

At the same time EW knocked, there was a knock on the back door. My neighbor Helen stopped by for a visit, and y'all, she folded the load of laundry that was on my couch. That, quite possibly, might have been my favorite Happy of all....if I had to choose, but I'm glad I don't have to...

Soon it was after dinner and time for cake.

Chocolate Mousse cake that I want to write about, but this post is already too long.

We were all out of candles so we had to use one of the gifts.

It was a good day.

Wish you could've been there!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cake and Ice Cream Kind of Day

As long as I can remember I've always loved my birthday.

Today I will do what I was born to do.

I'll drink coffee, wake up the kids, take them to the dentist. I'll silently pray for them in the waiting room while they have teeth pulled (The Boy), and a cavity filled (The Girl).

I'll run errands, have lunch with a friend (she is making one of my favorite soups!), eat chocolate mousse cake, open gifts from the kids, and cards from my friends.

I'll make a quiet dinner, tuck the kids into bed, and have some couch time with The Mister.

I'll crawl into my four poster bed, lay my head down and be satisfied.

I thank God for another ordinary day in an extraordinary life! I couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Birthday Poem To My Mother

I sit here this morning,
eating butter on toast.

Drinking Pumpkin Spice coffee.
A medium roast.

Thinking 'bout you dear mama,
cuz it's your fun day,

Feliz Cumpleanos! Is what
I'm trying to say...

On this day long ago...
(but not too long, ya hear!)

(And in self preservation,
I won't say the year)

...Was born a smart woman,
Who'd see days high and long.

T'would be hard pressed to find one
more loyal, or strong.

There is no other Mom,
that I'd pick but for you.

I'd say that even if you
spoilt me half of what you do.

I hope this good day is fun, full!
Is great!

And in true Kellie style,
Your present will be late.

(thirty-seven years ago I was a day why change now?)

Happy Birthday Mom!
Love you,

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Countdown Begins...

I love weeks like this.

Like what?

Weeks that begin with anticipation; has a middle with a birthday; and ends with the NC Blogger Bash!

Could it get any better?

If meeting a bunch of awesome NC Bloggers (and one faithful reader!) isn't enough inspiration to pull you away from your warm homes on Saturday night, how about Italian food? I know your thinking about it....

I've sent out an email to those who had already RSVP'd. If you didn't get an email and you wanted to come party with us, please comment or email me and I will send you the venue of our secret meeting place.

What's all this restaurant secrecy all about?

Glad you asked.

Seems The Mister was very concerned about my announcing the meeting place to the World Wide Web. I told him that only sweet, kind, non-axe murderers read my blog.

He wasn't convinced.

At this point our NC Bloggers Bash is going to be a relatively intimate group of less than 12, so to ease the anxiety of my safety conscious better-half, I will be keeping the venue on the down-low.

Except that I want you to be there, so email me and I'll tell you where we're gonna be....just leave your axe at home.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cookie Wishes and Orthodontia Dreams

After all the pumpkin talk yesterday I feel a deep responsibility to send you over to Such the Spot for her Iced Pumpkin Cookies Recipe.

In the words of the CarpoolQueen, I may, or may have not eaten several a couple of these this morning with for my breakfast.

In other news, I have crossed a line in parenting that may have rendered me officially "grown up."

As if owning a mini-van, wearing velour tracksuits, and being a mama-blogger didn't scream Suburban Housewife loud enough, the events of yesterday added the piece de resistance.

We've been referred to an orthodontist.

It's just weird.

And apparently very expensive.

So I did what any good suburban housewife would do in the face of adversity.

I made cookies  calmly came home and told my husband that I may be opening my Etsy shop back up again.

I tried this almost a year ago and didn't have much a matter of fact I ended up giving away everything I listed. So, I'm thinking about it...a lot. We'll see.

All right. I'm guessing that this orthodontia paying, cookie making, minivan driving, coffee drinking, blogger better go put on her mean-teacher hat...cuz school ain't gonna teach itself.

I suppose we'll start with English.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Crises: Defeated

Last week (or so) I received a Tweet from Meredith regarding a lack of canned pumpkin in her grocery store.

I had decided that since it'd been snowing in her little corner of Colorado since last April, it was a simple case of canned pumpkin blocked by blizzards of snow.

All jokes aside--after all, lack of pumpkin at this time of year is no laughing matter-- I assumed I wouldn't be affected by such troubling times. The pumpkin crises certainly wouldn't hit close to home. It was just so....inconceivable.


I was in the isle this morning to get pumpkin for a batch of Chocolate Chip Pumpkin muffins (sweetly pictured above), only to find the shelves empty.

I had to go to three different stores before I found the elusive Libby can. I quickly bought 5 (29 oz)cans.

I would have bought more but it was all my arms could hold.

I immediately came home and Googled the issue at hand and sure enough there is a canned pumpkin shortage, people!

And, apparently, this is old news:

Check here, here, here, and here.

I wouldn't panic, the word around the net is that the Libby people are churning out more pumpkin as I type, but really, as you might've noticed by my stock piling philosophy, I'm inclined to panic.

If you're a baker, and enjoy all things pumpkin, you better get it while you "can".

BTW: Last year I tried my hand at using fresh puree from baking pumpkins and it was fairly simple. Just not as simple as opening up a can. And really @ $1.89 for a 29 oz can, you can't beat Libby!

Well, I gotta run...the muffins kids are calling me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 on the 13th

I am so very late for Meredith's 10 on the 10.

I noticed several other who were late, so I thought, better late than never!

Here are 10 things (in pictures) that are making me smile this week.

10. Giving gifts.

For example:

This gift that I had promised Lauren when she won a La Vida Dulce contest in July.

9. Giving more gifts.

CPQ's Faithful Reader Adrienne was also due to receive a consolation prize ( she didn't get any answers right, but her answers were very fun!) I am sure that nothing makes losing a contest feel better than not receiving your consolation prize. I had something else picked out (a pretty notepad), but for some reason I kept putting off mailing the items.  Now I know why....they weren't meant for her. This was meant for her:

8. Warm moments in the middle of cooler days.

That beast just loves to sleep in the morning sunbeam of our classroom. She's learning all about adjectives too.

7. Parties, and talented people who enjoy parties....even if they cannot be there.
6. (goes with 7) Surprises. I found this surprise in my email box yesterday. Sweet Tanya made us a button for our NC Blogger Party! So, if you would like to post this button on your blog, you have permission to swipe it from here.

5. Fall Foliage:

4. Fall Decorating:

3. Receiving gifts I never (in a million years!) expected to receive!  This arrived in the mail yesterday:

*Mom and Dad, (raising my coffee cup) thank you...for enabling my coffee consumption and ridiculously spoiling me. To say I love my present cannot say enough....Oh! and thanks for letting me open it early!

~~~~These last two are sort of random, but I've been saving these pictures for some time now.

2. Love going to NC lakes and seeing things like this:

I can't decide if he is a lonely Islander, hoping for a wave. Or if he is the epitome of a relaxed southerner; just chillin' while paddling his surf board.

1. In October I start thinking about the Christmas card picture. Last year, we almost had another little boy in our photo:

This sweet boy would not get out of our picture space. He wanted to be in out pictures, and he was a natural, just look at the GQ pose. He followed us from place to place. I seriously considered sending this picture out last year. He was so cute I couldn't bear to tell him that he couldn't be in our photo...I ended up using a family photo we had taken at Dollywood on our trek to NC.

So those are the things that are making me smile this week!

Friday, October 09, 2009

NC Bloggers Party

Hi guys! I want to be sure that you have Saturday October 24, 2009, @ 6pm on your calendar.

I am pretty sure I have a meeting place where we would have our own room to chat and have something to eat. I am firming up plans on that today...

However, I would like to ask a few things:

1. Please comment below if you are certain you will be able to make it. Be sure you leave an email address that I can get details to you!

2. If you are not a blogger, but a local reader (That would be you, Sandy M!) please also leave a comment with valid email address. Or email me at la-vida-dulce(at)hotmail(dot)com, with your RSVP.

3. If you have computer talents and would like to donate a NC Bloggers Party Button for all of us to post on our blogs for the next two weeks, that would be AWESOME!

4. If you are a blogger who is from one of the neighboring states and you are thinking about coming to meet us! Let me know, especially if you end up in town a little early...we could always have a "pre-meetup" party for those driving a greater distance.

5. Bloggers: Will you please post about this meet-up? The more NC bloggers, the better!

6. Tell me if I am forgetting anything!

I should have more details on the venue by this afternoon.

Can't wait to meet ya!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Checking In

I've been a bit preoccupied this week.

First, The Boy has been sick since Sunday. I thought it was just a head cold because it started with just a mild sore throat, but no fever. Then yesterday he woke up with a cough and lots of congestion. Still, no fever.

Today, the fever has come.

I'm praying no body else catches our bug.

Second, my embroidery machine arrived on Monday! Which is why it has been quiet here for the last 48 hours. I have been taking my free moments throughout the day to learn this new machine.

Oh! He's magnificent. He's a Brother and I am just loving all the things he can do.

I'm also thinking about a name for him...because I'm weird like that.  I'm leaning toward Gretchen's suggestion of Clinton, after Clinton Kelly of What Not To Wear fame. I loved this idea because I think Clinton is a cutie. He helps people with a bland sense of fashion to see their full potential. I think that's exactly what my Brother is going to do...only with fabric.

Here are few little "practice" things I have done:

Third, a conversation with The Boy:

Boy: Mom, how come I have to do school if I'm sick?

LVCG: Because that's the beauty of homeschool. You don't have to get behind when you're sick. You can still read all that stuff in the comfort of your bed.

Boy: Ya, but I was thinking it would make me feel better if I didn't have to do school.

LVCG: Nope, you don't get to skip school. You can rest just as easily while reading your history as you can watching TV.

(Long silence)

Boy: Mom, are you saying you never played hooker in school?

LVCG: WHAT?????!!!!!


He meant hooky.

Um, no,never played hooky in school.

Very much.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Charlie, Ruby and Chomper

This is not a salad.

We have three new (temporary) additions to the family.

Meet Charlie, Ruby and Chomper the Swallowtail caterpillars.

Our newest residents used to live in the garden parsley at the piano teachers house.

Now they live in a glass serving-bowl, lined with plastic wrap, on our kitchen counter.

Apparently, there is the teeniest-tiniest baby, that calls our counter caterpillar condo "home". You can see him in the picture above. He's the speck on the branch that is horizontally persuaded .

We'll see if he "makes it" before he's named.

I don't want to get attached.

We've been told that they will eat us out of "house and home" in parsley. Luckily our neighbor has a huge parsley patch in her garden and has given us unbridled access.

Then they will make themselves a Chrysalis. In a few weeks, if all goes well, we should be releasing butterflies into the great wide world.

Over the weekend, this trio has been wildly entertaining as they mow down their parsley village.

You might ask why I have wrapped my glass bowl in plastic wrap?

Well, unbeknownst to me, caterpillars have an amazing capacity to, uh-hmm, use the facility.

To put it bluntly, they poop. A lot.

Next time I see a small fish tank at a garage sale I am TOTALLY going to scoop it up!

The only down-side of this latest venture is that they really don't smell so good. Which grosses me out. But it's worth it to see how a butterfly is made.

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Chuppah Hoopla!

There is nothing better than a Friday, after a busy week.

Unless that Friday includes a a date with The Carpool Queen.

Today, I am buying the first round of coffee, because I'm celebrating!

The chuppah (pronounced hoopa) I was "commissioned" to sew is complete!!!

(lets all breathe a sigh of relief)

As the mother-of-the-bride (Melinda) and I sat on the floor admiring it last night, she said, "Well, we prayed at the beginning of this project, so lets pray at the end too."

So we did.

And I couldn't pray out loud because I was brimming with emotion. Not because this labor of love was completed, but what the chuppah represents: the home, the very life, this couple will build together.
It overwhelms me (in a good way) to think about it.

I have to admit, I was a teensy-bit sad last night.

When we boxed up the chuppah and she placed it in the car I felt an odd mix of happy relief, divine success, and weepiness.

This project was hard. The most difficult sewing project I have ever done (and had to finish).

Not because it tested my talents, ability and knowledge of sewing (because it did!), but because emotionally, it was difficult.

This project tested my heart.

I was cutting up and sewing together family owned, heirloom materials; piecing together someone else's vision. I wanted to be as close to that vision as possible.

I wanted it to be beautiful. As I cut up Melinda's wedding gown I had some serious doubts!

I wanted it to be made well enough to last the test of time; to become a legacy this young couple can pass to the generations to come.

I did not want Melinda to regret asking for my help. I kept thinking that she would soon figure out that I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.

I didn't want it to be perfect. I wanted it to be right.

There came a point after all the hand embroidery was finished that I needed advice (and encouragement). Melinda and our friend Vicky came over to give some advice. Vicky was literally, a God-send, and I learned some skills from her that helped us overcome the challenges.

This chuppah has become such a blessing, and truly, the making of it represents everything I love about marriage: Two people, from different tapestries of life, working hard, wanting to build something that will stand the test of time; building on a common vision.

There are places in marriage when we need encouragement to face the struggles and insecurities that will inevitably come.

And yet, if we persevere, there are days when we get to look at what we've built with sweat and tears, and the hand of God, and we realize it was worth the effort...that it isn't perfect, but it is right.

What an honor to have been a part of this project, this wedding, this beautiful story...

So now I will celebrate...and get ready for my next project.

The Mister has bought me an early birthday present. It arrives on Monday.

For those of you who guessed an embroidery machine, you are correct!

To say I am excited doesn't really describe what I am feeling. I already know what my first project will be...its a present for a certain sister-in-love, who took care of my children while I went to spend some time with the Island Girls on Whidbey Island this summer. Cannot wait to start!

All right, I cannot keep the CPQ waiting!

Happy Friday!

PS: The picture was taken at night, and doesn't really give a good view of the detail. But it gives you a glimpse!