Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cookie Wishes and Orthodontia Dreams

After all the pumpkin talk yesterday I feel a deep responsibility to send you over to Such the Spot for her Iced Pumpkin Cookies Recipe.

In the words of the CarpoolQueen, I may, or may have not eaten several a couple of these this morning with for my breakfast.

In other news, I have crossed a line in parenting that may have rendered me officially "grown up."

As if owning a mini-van, wearing velour tracksuits, and being a mama-blogger didn't scream Suburban Housewife loud enough, the events of yesterday added the piece de resistance.

We've been referred to an orthodontist.

It's just weird.

And apparently very expensive.

So I did what any good suburban housewife would do in the face of adversity.

I made cookies  calmly came home and told my husband that I may be opening my Etsy shop back up again.

I tried this almost a year ago and didn't have much a matter of fact I ended up giving away everything I listed. So, I'm thinking about it...a lot. We'll see.

All right. I'm guessing that this orthodontia paying, cookie making, minivan driving, coffee drinking, blogger better go put on her mean-teacher hat...cuz school ain't gonna teach itself.

I suppose we'll start with English.


Tanya said...

Um, YEAH!!! I've been waiting for an opportunity to buy your aprons for, like, EVER! And now that you have your super-cool embroidery machine, you could totally make some kickin' personalized stuff. DO IT! DO IT!! DO IT!!!!

Such The Spot said...

The iced pumpkin cookies are heavenly aren't they?

Oh my goodness you should so totally go for it on the Etsy shop! If encouragement was what you were waiting for, then consider me your personal cheerleader...

Lori said...

Thanks for the link to the recipe - those cookies definitely sound meal-worthy! I bet you'd have an awesome etsy shop - I'd love to see it! :)

Gretchen said...

You totally have the chops for an Etsy store. And I would put your button in my sidebar to advertise. 'Course you know most of my readers anyway. :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm scared of orthodontics. Very scared. My youngest is going to need them for sure. My consults with the guy for my other two have been more of "let's wait and see". I need to go back, but like I said, I'm scared. And so is my bank account.

Carpool Queen said...

Can you just go ahead and tell me what we're baking tomorrow? I have four cans left...

Kristin said...

That's so funny - I just tore out a "coupon" for a nearby orthodontist this afternoon. Who did you get referred to? I don't even want to know how much it will cost! But one thing I'm sure of - people better start buying some houses or my kids' teeth will continue on in their crooked existence! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for new recipes!
Yay for an etsy shop!
Not so much yay for the orthodontist!

Tracey said...

I'm one of those suburban blogging housewives that had to settle for 2 nights at the beach for my only vacation in two years because of our 'orthodontia' referral.

Here's a heads up on my research before deciding on my orthodontist...the average amount spent in the RDU area on braces is around the $5,200 mark. The cheapest place is to drive to Chapel Hill and let the students take care of your child's braces. I've heard nothing but good things about this program, but I couldn't commit to the drive.

I'm all for the Etsy shop..but I also know you homeschool, so just be careful not to stretch yourself to thin. I'll stop being so bossy now.


Tiffani said...

I may very well be on that path to Orthoworld...we'll see.

I'd totally be a cheerleader for Etsy!! You can do it girl!! I can be your online assitant..I'll help you filter emails, orders, whatever!! :)

Hope English was a success! :)

Anonymous said...

oo I love your stuff too! I think you should do it! I can't imagine paying for braces! My parents paid for 2 sets (my sister and I). I am super thankful for that but how do parents do it?