Monday, October 26, 2009

Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

I felt a bit like Julie McCoy, standing by the door waiting to greet the strangers for a short cruise that I hoped wouldn't turn into a three-hour-tour, if you know what I mean.

I will admit, I was very nervous. I chugged a vanilla latte in the hour before to calm my nerves.

Bringing together 14 strangers you met on the internet can be tricky.

I wanted the place to be centrally located and conducive to 14 talkative ladies. (at least i hoped they would talk)

I wanted the room we were in to be pretty, a nice place for my new friends to relax and feel at east.

I wanted the food to be delicious, and to look good too, because I knew that things like this happen when you get bloggers together:

As director of this cruise, I wanted it to be a good night--worth the drive on a rainy night.

My worries were for nothing.....

The room was awesome--we ended up being the only ones in there! The food was great.

But y'all...these women were just so incredibly fun. 

Smart, beautiful, articulate, funny ladies. I'm proud to know them all.

The only thing I would change (if I could) was to have a round table so that I could talk to everyone a little bit more! Its a good excuse to set up some coffee time get-togethers.

Oh! and I wish I had taken more pictures. Here are the ones I have:

This is right after CPQ helped June out with her Boost-Your-Yays straps. June looks so happy cause now her girls are secure.

Speaking of June--Mom, I know this is all you care about.

And let me tell you (and any of June's readers who hear her complain about her hair and such...) June is beautiful. Hair and all.  And she isn't even paying me to say that.)

I felt a little star-struck when she walked in...but then she stuck her tongue out and complained about cat hair on her tongue and I realized--Its June! And she's a real person! And then I could act normal.

This is K2 our faithful reader for the evening. She needs to start a blog. (that was my attempt at subtlety)

This is Janel from Dandeliondayz . Been reading her blog for a couple years now. It was so fun to meet her because I found her blog shortly after we had moved from NC to AZ. I never thought we would meet because I never expected we would be moving back...and here we are!

You know what I really loved about this evening? Getting to see a bit more of CPQ's life outside the blog. Several of her friends are bloggers that she brags about from time to time. I met her Knitting Whisperer of Bambino Bliss, who is lovely and has the sweetest speaking voice. I met the mother of Squishy Baby , the little one who makes CPQ drool. I met Tracey , and she is as witty and wise as CPQ has always said she is....I met New Every Morning and her mama The Seasoned-Sister ...who shared bites of their dinner, and were both beautiful gals...

I wish I could tell you about everybody individually, but its the first day of Fall Break here at the La Vida Academy and I need to go spend some time directing the people of my own Love Boat.

Let me just quickly say, that I am already formulating a Bloggers Christmas Party in my head.

How does December 12 sound?

Or should we do a Valentines party instead, when the holiday season isn't so full? February 13th?

To my Carolina Gals, thank you for making this night a great success!


Tracey said...

It was pure joy to finally meet you..

Thank you so much for everything!

For the next vote is for February because my Christmas calendar fills up with kid stuff..and February needs something fun. But, to be honest, if there's one in December, I'm there. :D

Have a fun Fall Break!

His Girl said...

Oh, what a delightful time! I'm sure you were a fabulous hostess... it's in your blood!
I just know this was a blessing for all. That's why I'm 40 percent happy for you and only 60 percent jealous! ;)

Gretchen said...

Goodness! How could you ever be nervous, LVCG? Anyone who can draw on three trusty TV shows in one post, as effortlessly as you did has to be great fun, indeed. And of course I know this firsthand, as well. Gladdy mcglad you had a fun time. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us. Xxxooo

Tanya (In the Dailies) said...


I may have to stop reading your blog just because of the jealousy it incites. ;)

meh said...

Sigh! I hate living NOT in the same town with you! But thanks for allowing us Non-N.Carolinians a sneak peek into your fun time together!

meh said...

Oh, and thanks alot. The theme song for the Love Boat is now on my brain. (:

Amber said...

It sounds amazing!!!

I so wish Arkansas was a little closer to NC...because I would have been all over that bloggy party!!!!

June Gardens said...

I really did have cat fur on my tongue. The cat had gotten my tongue, but in a sheddy way.

You are beautiful, too, honey, and a brilliant hostess. And I can't wait to use my embroidered goft on Thanksgiving (Coffee Gal sewed ALL of us a gift, y'all).

Melissa Angert {All Things Chic} said...

looks like fun!!! isn't it great when you get to meet your friends in real life?
those are some great ladies you've got there in NC!!

Carpool Queen said...

Have I told you lately that I love you? You and I can have all sorts of fun together, can't we? What's the next project?

The Buntens said...

Thank you!!!
It was a sincere pleasure to meet you and everyone else there. I had sooo much fun!

adrienne said...

Oh what a fun night! and I must say you did a beautiful job choosing that room with the remarkable blue walls for your photo backdrops! And it looks great with your green blouse. You thought of everything! Even making gifts for your guests. I'm sure they felt very pampered and cared for!

K2 said...

It was fun, Kellie! Thanks for putting it all together and inviting little ole me. I enjoyed meeting everyone and the food was delicious, especially the pumpkin cheesecake! :)

Amy said...

Thank you so much for planning and hostessing! It was great fun, and I look forward to seeing you soon!!

The Bowden's said...

Sounds great! So jealous! :)

Kristy K said...

I just found your blog from June's. She is my FAVORITE :). Though I'm not stalking her. Ha.

You've got a great blog here!