Friday, October 02, 2009

Chuppah Hoopla!

There is nothing better than a Friday, after a busy week.

Unless that Friday includes a a date with The Carpool Queen.

Today, I am buying the first round of coffee, because I'm celebrating!

The chuppah (pronounced hoopa) I was "commissioned" to sew is complete!!!

(lets all breathe a sigh of relief)

As the mother-of-the-bride (Melinda) and I sat on the floor admiring it last night, she said, "Well, we prayed at the beginning of this project, so lets pray at the end too."

So we did.

And I couldn't pray out loud because I was brimming with emotion. Not because this labor of love was completed, but what the chuppah represents: the home, the very life, this couple will build together.
It overwhelms me (in a good way) to think about it.

I have to admit, I was a teensy-bit sad last night.

When we boxed up the chuppah and she placed it in the car I felt an odd mix of happy relief, divine success, and weepiness.

This project was hard. The most difficult sewing project I have ever done (and had to finish).

Not because it tested my talents, ability and knowledge of sewing (because it did!), but because emotionally, it was difficult.

This project tested my heart.

I was cutting up and sewing together family owned, heirloom materials; piecing together someone else's vision. I wanted to be as close to that vision as possible.

I wanted it to be beautiful. As I cut up Melinda's wedding gown I had some serious doubts!

I wanted it to be made well enough to last the test of time; to become a legacy this young couple can pass to the generations to come.

I did not want Melinda to regret asking for my help. I kept thinking that she would soon figure out that I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.

I didn't want it to be perfect. I wanted it to be right.

There came a point after all the hand embroidery was finished that I needed advice (and encouragement). Melinda and our friend Vicky came over to give some advice. Vicky was literally, a God-send, and I learned some skills from her that helped us overcome the challenges.

This chuppah has become such a blessing, and truly, the making of it represents everything I love about marriage: Two people, from different tapestries of life, working hard, wanting to build something that will stand the test of time; building on a common vision.

There are places in marriage when we need encouragement to face the struggles and insecurities that will inevitably come.

And yet, if we persevere, there are days when we get to look at what we've built with sweat and tears, and the hand of God, and we realize it was worth the effort...that it isn't perfect, but it is right.

What an honor to have been a part of this project, this wedding, this beautiful story...

So now I will celebrate...and get ready for my next project.

The Mister has bought me an early birthday present. It arrives on Monday.

For those of you who guessed an embroidery machine, you are correct!

To say I am excited doesn't really describe what I am feeling. I already know what my first project will be...its a present for a certain sister-in-love, who took care of my children while I went to spend some time with the Island Girls on Whidbey Island this summer. Cannot wait to start!

All right, I cannot keep the CPQ waiting!

Happy Friday!

PS: The picture was taken at night, and doesn't really give a good view of the detail. But it gives you a glimpse!


Gretchen said...

I once made scrapbooks of a Bar & Bat Mitzvah for a friend. I think I was only able to attend one of their receptions, & was not able to see the ceremony for either child. However, the small glimpse I had into this faith-filled, family centered, "roots/wings" celebration was very touching. Though I wasn't creating a chuppah, I was creating a book of memories about which I was merely an observer & so unfamiliar. So I can identify, Kellie, with those feelings of relief, mixed with joy, mixed with a little bit of sadness, that the project is finished.

I don't think you can imagine the extent of this blessing to this family, K. You've given an amazing gift to them. I'm so glad you were blessed by it, too.

Lurve ya! Have a ton of fun today! You've definitely earned a playdate. ;)

Allison said...

Congrats on the beautiful handiwork! It is gorgeous! I can see why you had such emotions. I am so glad you shared this experience with us. Have a great weekend.

Lori said...

What a special project to be a part of! The chuppah sounds like a wonderful tradition and something the lucky couple will always treasure. Way to go!

Carpool Queen said...

I love that you were able to do this and, more importantly, that you were able to celebrate it with me over a PSL at Sbux.

Loved our time together this a.m., friend, as always.

really.truly said...

What is extra special about your chuppah is all the obvious love and care you put into it. A thing of beauty truly comes alive when the person creating creating it with love. You clearly were! And it's lovely.

His Girl said...

What a beautiful thing- the product and the process... I am just so impressed with the whole concept & my brain is just swimming wondering how I could work some version of this for my children when they are older and married.

You sew something FANTASTIC with that machine for your SIL, friend... partly because I'm grateful she watched your kids, and partly because I'm selfishly hoping she'll do it again!


Sandy M. said...

What a beautiful work of art & love this turned out to be! I know you will have so much fun with your embroidery machine! Not to make you or CPQ jealous, but yesterday I had a Maple (my favorite flavor) Spice Latte, in the mountains, after biking 18 miles. It was DELICIOUS!!

Amber said...

Oh,'s beautiful.
You did an amazing job, and I know that the couple along with their families are in awe of such a gift.

Truly amazing!!

And I'm so excited about your embroidery machine!! HOW FUN!

Anonymous said...

Just stunning, Kellie. Wow.

Tiffani said...

There aren't words. So proud of your handiwork...your tenacity and perseverance, my friend.

Truly an heirloom for generations to come!!