Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Time Fun

There are many things I love about living in a place with four distinctive seasons.

But one of my favorite activities of the fall-time is to take my kids trick-or-treating.

Growing up my Dad would take us out on Halloween and my Mom would stay at home and pass out candy. She still enjoys being prepared for the passing out of candy.

Since I grew up in the desert, there were only a handful of times that I had to worry about being cold.

I'll never forget that year back in the late 80's when my youngest brother was a California Raisen for Halloween. His costume was a brownish-black garbage bag, some white gloves, and a pair of dark sunglasses. It was awesome!

My Dad, being an artist and quite creative, could whip up awesome costumes with things we had on hand in the house.

All that to say, The Raisin looked great, but by the end of the night he was so warm under all that plastic he was glad to take it off.

I was reminded of this two years ago when we were stationed in Almost Mexico (a phrase stolen from Stephanie J!). I took the kids out to trick-or-treat while wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

You can imagine the contrast when I experienced my first Halloween here in North Carolina. I walked in a neighborhood with real leaves crunching under my feet, the chill air blowing gently on my face. The kids were in costumes on top of many layers of clothing. But what surprised me most of all was the smell of fall in the air.

I was shocked that the air actually smelled of fall-time. I love that....

Seriously, its like the books I read when I was young...only I get to walk within the pages. Amazing.

What is you favorite part of the fall season. If fall is not your thing: what was your favorite costume as a kid?

Happy Friday!


Carpool Queen said...

I love that fall is cool enough for a jacket, but not so cool that you have to zip it up.

I love the in-betweenness of it all.

Amber said...

Fall is my most favorite season. I LOVE wearing fall clothes and snuggling in sweaters. I love football and leaves and red noses from playing outside in the chill.

I'm not so much of a Halloween girl, but I do remember dressing up as a gypsie almost every year when I was little. I'd get in my mama's clothes and jewelry and makeup. What good memories!! I love that we used to MAKE our costumes instead of the huge commercial store-bought push. Just made the holiday more special.

LJ said...

Fall is my favorite season even though we don't get that much color in the Lone Star State. I love pumpkins - carving, and things you can eat made from pumpkin. I LOVE football too!

The only Halloween costume I can remember wearing was Casper the ghost. I still remember that plastic mask steaming up. I tripped many times because I couldn't see!

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to take my kids trick or treating. They are so funny on their candy quest! Be safe friend!

Tanya (In the Dailies) said...

The smell of fall is definitely the best. My favorite part of autumn is the crisp air. It's not too cold, but definitely not warm and it just feels so thoroughly fresh.

Gretchen said...

Despite the ark-inspiring weather of the last 3 days, we have remarkable falls in the pac nw. As much as I loved growing up in CO and we'd have pretty weather most of the time, typically, at Halloween it was threatening to sleet or snow (case in point: our friend Mer). Also, because of said snow, the leaves would be long gone from the trees. Here, I bask in walking those pages with you. The colors are still spectacular, and it's nearly November. Truly a feast for the eyes. Matched only by the feast brought to us by Hershey and Mars Co. ;)

Anonymous said...

We always created our costumes it was so much fun to make them. I feel like I loved them a lot more. Some of my favorites were:
-Pippi Longstocking with a coat hanger in my hair to make it stick out like hers
-pair of dice w/ a friend
-bag of jelly beans
-granny (saggy chest and stinky perfume included ;-) )

Tiffani said...

AHHHH yes, the seasons in the south are something, aren't they?!

I'm so glad we're "neighbors" in that sense...

I love this time of year too, especially in our new house and neighborhood...

Lori said...

I'm so with you on Fall - love it! I love wearing warm clothes like Amber. Making pumpkin bread. Kicking leaves as we walk. :) The good things in life.

Allison said...

My favorite thing about fall growing up was going to Friday night football games in the crisp fall weather.

I also like what Carpool Queen enough for a jacket but not cold enough to zip it up!

Have a safe Halloween.

Tracey said...

I love everything about Fall..the leaves, all things pumpkin spice, non-frizzy hair, my 'be thankful' yankee candle, blue jeans with sweat shirts, college football and being able to open the windows and enjoy THE SMELL!

Happy Fall, everyone!!

Amy said...

Fall is a fried apple pie on a sunny, but crisp day - blue sky behind multi-colored leaves.

Used to HATE having to wear a turtleneck under my halloween costume! I was usually a bride or princess and the turtleneck just spoiled the whole look, in my opinion!

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

So jealous! I'll be here in Arizona, sweating... Actually, it's only supposed to be in the 70's Saturday.. brrr!!

My FAVORITE costume was a homemade hot air balloon that my Mom made for me! A big hammock over a bunch of helium-filled balloons and a white piece of cardboard around my body. I wish I had pictures!

Happy Halloween!

stephanie j. said...

Fall is my FAVORITE season! Chad and I search for signs of it here. "You know Honey, I'm SURE I smelled fall riding (biking) to work this morning" which is doubtful here in Almost Mexico :) We were just saying today that this is 99% sure our last Halloween in the desert. No more costumes without layering for the cold likely for a while!

Favorite costume? Well, I was SUPPOSED to be Princess Leia way back when, but the costume didn't get done, so I was a ghost. I think I was a ghost a lot...because my costumes often didn't get finished.

Gretchen said...

Fall is my FAV-O-RITE!!!
The smells: cinnamon, wood fires etc
The tastes: apples, cinnamon, pumkpin
The visuals: leaves, pumpkins, gourds

Oh, the list goes on forever. My mom made me a fluffy bunny suit one year b/c we lived in Chicago and it kept me warm!

Chel said...

I miss the changing of the seasons. Here in Florida, we don't much get that. :) I made my daughter's costume this year - Spongebob - and she wore it over shorts. :)

As a kid, my favorite costume (this was the '70s mind you) was a pair of harem pants and this fabulous silk scarf that turned me into a gypsy. They came straight from my grandmother's closet. :)

Brandy said...

Well we are still wearing our tank tops and shorts around here. I would like to live somewhere where it does get a bit colder in the fall. My favorite is Pumpkin spice Lattes and Trader Joe's Spicy Cider.

meh said...

I love Fall too! The colors, the crisp air, the crunchy leaves...and the cold weather recipes. (:

Unknown said...

Found your blog through Musings of a Housewife! i love fall, the smells, the colors, my birthday. I grew up in PA and now live in SC. I love, love, love the fall here. Although the fall colors are not quite as brilliant, the coolness in the air isn't cold. No need for several layers under the Halloween costume here. No gloves, no threat of snow like in PA. Yes, I remember a few Halloweens with snow on the ground!

Plus fall in SC is perfect weather for playing outside. I can run after the toddler without melting into a puddle of sweat like I do most of the summer.