Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 on the 13th

I am so very late for Meredith's 10 on the 10.

I noticed several other who were late, so I thought, better late than never!

Here are 10 things (in pictures) that are making me smile this week.

10. Giving gifts.

For example:

This gift that I had promised Lauren when she won a La Vida Dulce contest in July.

9. Giving more gifts.

CPQ's Faithful Reader Adrienne was also due to receive a consolation prize ( she didn't get any answers right, but her answers were very fun!) I am sure that nothing makes losing a contest feel better than not receiving your consolation prize. I had something else picked out (a pretty notepad), but for some reason I kept putting off mailing the items.  Now I know why....they weren't meant for her. This was meant for her:

8. Warm moments in the middle of cooler days.

That beast just loves to sleep in the morning sunbeam of our classroom. She's learning all about adjectives too.

7. Parties, and talented people who enjoy parties....even if they cannot be there.
6. (goes with 7) Surprises. I found this surprise in my email box yesterday. Sweet Tanya made us a button for our NC Blogger Party! So, if you would like to post this button on your blog, you have permission to swipe it from here.

5. Fall Foliage:

4. Fall Decorating:

3. Receiving gifts I never (in a million years!) expected to receive!  This arrived in the mail yesterday:

*Mom and Dad, (raising my coffee cup) thank you...for enabling my coffee consumption and ridiculously spoiling me. To say I love my present cannot say enough....Oh! and thanks for letting me open it early!

~~~~These last two are sort of random, but I've been saving these pictures for some time now.

2. Love going to NC lakes and seeing things like this:

I can't decide if he is a lonely Islander, hoping for a wave. Or if he is the epitome of a relaxed southerner; just chillin' while paddling his surf board.

1. In October I start thinking about the Christmas card picture. Last year, we almost had another little boy in our photo:

This sweet boy would not get out of our picture space. He wanted to be in out pictures, and he was a natural, just look at the GQ pose. He followed us from place to place. I seriously considered sending this picture out last year. He was so cute I couldn't bear to tell him that he couldn't be in our photo...I ended up using a family photo we had taken at Dollywood on our trek to NC.

So those are the things that are making me smile this week!


Tanya said...

I LOVE the aprons!!! They're beautiful!

As for the button, I'm very humbled you posted it! :) I was sure you'd have an inbox full of great logos.

And the fall/Christmas picture. I really shouldn't skim. At first I thought you were adopting! lol. Ah, yes, must actually READ posts to understand what is being said.

Great list. Made me smile.

Kristin said...

Awesome aprons! Absolutely adorable!

LJ said...

I always knew you were a closet Dolly Parton fan!

Hey, where's my apron?

Tiffani said...


How about you host a contest that only has one question that I know the answer to and I'm the only one allowed to comment?!? ;) OH, and the prize can be an apron!! :) See, works out nicely, no?!

That pic w/ that kid is SOMETHING!! Sooo cute!! I would've totally sent it to at least a few of my friends/family!!

YOU, my dear, make me smile! I know you're gonna enjoy that Keurig!

Such The Spot said...

Aw...I remember that banner you made from last year. Didn't it originally have a misspelling or something?

And...I hope your NC friends will have a belated birthday cake for the b-day girl. Speaking of birthdays, SCORE on the gift!

Cute story behind the photo. You totally should have gotten his address and sent him a copy!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You are so talented, Kellie!

That picture with your "other son" made me laugh. And the Keurig made me SMILE.

Great list, friend. Hope you're feeling better!

Carpool Queen said...

I'm going say it for the millionth time, and still with the same jealousy as the first....

You're so crafty!!!!

And I'll steal the button as soon as I can figure out how to put it in my sidebar.

Anonymous said...

oo those aprons are so pretty!! Love the birthday present you received.. hmm I might have to ask for one for Christmas ;-P

Lori said...

Fun post - I like this idea! Awesome aprons, and your fall banner is so charming - did you make it yourself? I bow to your amazing sewing skills... :)

Tracey said...

I'd wear an apron if I had one as cute as these!! ADORABLE!

Party picture on sidebar...check.

Favorite photos...confused surfer dude & your precious children with Mr. GQ.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

I've resisted the urge to whine up until this point but now that there's a button and everything, I must say that I want to come to the party!!

LOVE the aprons. They are so beautiful!

I am still giggling at that precious little boy! Too cute and too funny.

adrienne said...

Ok, LOVE the apron!! Those are my colors! This is why God wouldn't let you send the notepad! And I have had a Keurig for about a year and it makes me smile every single day. Love it!!! Have a pumpkin muffin and a nice fresh cup of coffee for me!

adrienne said...

last night when I looked at the apron on my laptop, my very.old.eyes could not see the embroidery you did with the special new toy. Today, in the darkness of the early morning, but on my big monitor in the kitchen, I can see it!!! I love your new toy!

Gretchen said...

Loved every scrap of this, Kellie. Your aprons are divine. How I wish you were here, sitting beside me, with a cuppa, tutoring me on how to sew real items. Not just the straight lines for quilts.

Lurve the doggie picture and your GQ Christmas card interloper.