Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy: A Birthday Recap

I know your ready for October to be finished so I can stop talking about my birthday.

But I just love it so much! What a happy day I had! I wish you each could have been there to enjoy the day with me. I'll post pictures so it will be as if you were.

First, I took the kids to the dentist and bought them the gift of cavities filled and molars pulled.

On our way home I stopped by a fantastic German bakery here in town and picked up my cake.

While I was there I picked up three of the largest (and tastiest) croissants I have ever seen.

I came home. Made milkshakes for the kids, who couldn't feel their lips; and made a fresh cup of Mudslide coffee and sat down to eat my croissant.

After we had finished our breakfast the kids wanted me to open the gifts they had bought and wrapped, all by themselves. This is precious to me and may require a post of its own, however, today I will just say this:

I love those two brown-headed babes more than I can even begin to tell you.

The kids and I then sat down for about an hour and finished the latest Nancy Drew PC Game, Warnings at Waverly Academy. (Love me some Nancy Drew PC Games, just so you know)

Then my friend K2 came over...

...with a pot full of my favorite Tortilla soup.

You'd think that coming over with lunch would be enough to show her love, but I have a confession to make.

I tested her love.

After she fed me birthday soup. I told her that it was my birthday and she had to do everything I wanted to do or she had to go home.

No! Just kidding!

I told her I wanted to introduce her to the Clinton the Embroidery Machine.

Introduce, meaning, I wanted her to sit-down-for-an-hour an watch me sew.

She passed the test, so I let her keep the hand-towel we made as a party favor.

Of course, your guest might find your sewing arrangement comical and sneak away to find the camera. In order to download certain patterns into Clinton I have to get closer to the computer, which may require the use of a piano bench and a child size chair.

Or maybe the camera just makes me look bigger than I am. You'll never know.

At this point there was a knock on the side door.

It was EW my running partner-- but most importantly, my dear friend-- coming over with a little gift she likes to call a Happy (this time is was Oreo Truffle's). Happy's are my favorite kind of gift.  I got several  this year: handmade washcloths, halloween socks, hand lotion, a Starbucks gift card, candles, just to name a few...

At the same time EW knocked, there was a knock on the back door. My neighbor Helen stopped by for a visit, and y'all, she folded the load of laundry that was on my couch. That, quite possibly, might have been my favorite Happy of all....if I had to choose, but I'm glad I don't have to...

Soon it was after dinner and time for cake.

Chocolate Mousse cake that I want to write about, but this post is already too long.

We were all out of candles so we had to use one of the gifts.

It was a good day.

Wish you could've been there!


Anonymous said...

What a great birthday! That cake looks amazing! I love nice and relaxed birthdays filled with my friends and family :-)

Becca - Our Crazy Boys said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday! Can't get much better than friends and family!

Tiffani said...

You sure enough got some good lovin' didn't ya?! Wow, I think it just shows how precious you are to the people's lives you touch.

I would've loved to have been there!

Everything looks delish and I would SO watch you sew and sew some more...because I'd bring stuff for my little girl!! :)

Hope the kiddos are all better from the

Megan O. said...

Sounds like such a great day!

Gretchen said...

A tasty day from beginning to end! Do I see some warm vanilla sugar lotion from B and BW? Good taste, indeed. Glad you had fun, friends, and felt so loved. Because you are.

Kendra said...

Fun birthday! I believe in long celebrations of the occasion! Love the make-shift sewing station. I've done something like that a time or two. And I love the big chunky birthday candle. Should have put it on the cake anyway! THAT would have made an interesting picture!

Carpool Queen said...

Oh, it was happy happy happy. I see it written alll over everyone's faces.

Let's talk about that bakery when we get together tomorrow, shall we?????

Woman Interrupted said...

Sweet children are a blessing, aren't they? Looks like you did everything you set out to for your birthday!

(In our family we string it out and have "birthday weeken"...maybe you can convince them to spoil you a little bit longer!)

Happy Birthday, Kellie!

Elizabeth said...

I wish I was there too! Because birthdays are so fun to celebrate and that cake looks so incredibly yummy I can hardly stand it.

And I'm glad to know there is someone else out there that loves their b'day as much as I love mine. It's like the best day of the year! Everyone should celebrate! Don't you think?

Kristin said...

What a lovely day! The cake looks delish - is it from Guglhupf? Or is there another German bakery around?

Gretchen said...

Any of that cake left over to bring tomorrow night? I'm drooling!

Happy Birthday!!!

Tanya said...

Sounds like an awesome day!! Well, except for the trip to the dentist. :)

Tracey said...

Sweet family, sweet friends..sounds like a great day!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Sounds perfect, Kellie. And is that a red "You Are Special" plate I spy in those last pics? Hope so. It's one of the most special things I own!

The Buntens said...

happy belated Birthday! The cake is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like a really great birthday! I'm so glad it was full of so much love and food!